Monday, November 19, 2012

Straw bales provide foundation for sustainable building

I found this fascinating and just about doable for anyone... SRN

About a dozen people gathered last week in Oskaloosa to learn how to build straw bale buildings. Straw and clay are a renewable building material that more people are turning to in Kansas.

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  1. My father, now deceased, funded the building of one of these types of homes in Northern Arizona a little more than a decade ago. (I just got an $800 payment in the mail last week on an annual disbursement among me & 7 siblings on mortgage payments being made by the buyer of this home).

    I have never seen the home. But, I gather, the homebuyer / "owner" of it, from all accounts I've heard, is happy with it. I would guess that both temperature and sound insulation may be two benefits of it, besides (supposedly) lower building costs.

    I'd be curious about how fire (including from spontaneous combustion from the hay or straw) and other normal sources of home fires might affect a home built of hay and/or straw.

    Earthquake properties would be interesting to know. As well as the effects of flooding on it.


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