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How to Organically Fertilize Fruit Trees

Don't forget to fertilize those fruit trees after you prune!
How to Organically Fertilize Fruit Trees thumbnail

How to prune a Fruit Tree

Fall and winter are quickly approaching 
and that means winter pruning for your fruit tree's.  
A big chore yes, but a very important one. 
The video link below will take to you to Dave Wilson's nursery for about a 13 minute refresher course for some, and for others some great new information about 
"How to prune for winter"
Pruning makes for a healthier and better fruit 
producing tree for years to come. 
So grab your Loppers and prune away...

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Foraging for Purlane

  Getting to know Purslane

Below are some great sites with information about Purslane. 

Where it Grows, How to cook it, medicinal benefits and more.

Soft, succulent Purslane or "Pusley" has more omega-3 fatty acids than in some of fish oils. If you are a vegetarian and want to avoid all forms of animal products, then here is the answer! Go for this healthy dark green leafy vegetable and soon you will forget fish!



Pine neendle Tea

Enjoy a great cup of "Pine Needle Tea" on a Cold Winters Day.
 Need some Vitamin "C" just step out the door to your pine tree
It has more Vitamin "C" than an Orange. 
 Follow the link  above for full Article 

Great Informational Video about Pine Tea. Learned a lot here!

Health Bennifits of a Dandelion

Herbs are Gods Gift to Us.


Benefits on Health

There are many dandelion benefits on health and since it can be used for various culinary and medicinal purposes, dandelion is extremely popular both in the Eastern and Western world today.

This article discusses some of the common dandelion uses.

Dandelion Diuretic Properties
Dandelion is extremely popular for its diuretic properties and it increases urine output. It helps flush toxins and excess salts out from the kidneys.

This property of dandelion makes it very effective in treating people with mild renal problems and certain digestive disorders, as well as in hypertensive patients.

Dandelion contains potassium and hence inhibits the loss of potassium, which is caused by other synthetically available diuretics.

Dandelion Benefits on the Liver, Gallbladder and Bile Production
Dandelion helps build immunity and strengthen the liver and gallbladder. It also helps stimulate bile production and cures any inflammatory conditions of the bile duct.
Some people have reported effectively curing gallstones by drinking dandelion tea. Why dandelion benefits this condition can be attributed to the chemical substance taraxacin present in the herb.
Dandelion also helps effectively treat patients with hepatitis, kidney and liver disorders, like jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver and some other conditions caused due to reduced bile secretion.

Nutrition Benefits of Dandelion Leaves
Dandelion leaves are very nutritious and contain beta carotenes that are very good for the eyes, skin, hair, etc. They are also a good source of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, E, and P.

Further, dandelion contains high levels of iron and calcium. In addition to all of the above, dandelion contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc, which are excellent for the human body. Due to its vast array of nutrients, dandelion benefits the body in many ways.

Fresh and tender dandelion leaves are used in preparing salads for the purpose of cleansing the body.

Health Benefits of Dandelion Root
The famous dandelion root contains a chemical substance called inuin, which is a sugar that does not stimulate increased or excessive insulin production like other refined and processed sugars. Therefore, it is very effective for people with late-onset diabetes. This is a unique benefit of dandelion root.
The white sap extracted from the dandelion stem and root is used to treat certain skin disorders and warts.

Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea / Dandelion Root Tea
Dandelion root benefits other health conditions too. Dandelion root tea or pills, capsules, etc, are used to treat flatulence and constipation related problems, mainly because it has a laxative effect and helps in digestion.

More health benefits of dandelion root tea are that it is very effective in reducing cholesterol and uric acid levels.

Dandelion Juice Benefits
Another way of reaping some dandelion benefits on health is by using its juice.
Dandelion juice is famous for its high iron, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, and vitamin C content. This is recommended especially for people interested in taking herbal supplements and natural vitamins in treating conditions like anemia.

In addition to the above, the bitter dandelion juice is also found to energize and detoxify the human body. In addition, dandelion juice is found be an effective blood purification agent.

Further, dandelion juice obtained from the stem and root of the dandelion herb has been found to be extremely effective in treating skin conditions like blisters, acne, and corn.

Benefits of Dandelion Tinctures
Dandelion tinctures are used to treat certain cardiac conditions including heart failure, as well as to increase potassium intake.

All in all, the health benefits of dandelion are quite impressive and this herb is used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

More information on the dandelion herb are discussed in the other related dandelion articles.

Dandelion Pages | History of the Dandelion Plant - Traditional Uses | Interesting Dandelion Facts | Dandelion Benefits on Health | More on Dandelion Herb Health Benefits | Dandelion Recipes to Obtain its Health Benefits | Possible Dandelion Side Effects, Precautions and Contraindications

Read More: Information on some Herbs | Natural Healing Herbs, Herbals Formulas and Foods - My Favorites | Herbal Remedies for Various Health Conditions and Ailments | Home Page | Site Search

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How to start a fire Video's

Lots of ways to start a fire. 
Always a great skill to learn and know! SRN
I also enjoyed other information on this site. 
Take a minute and check it out...

How to build start a fire Videos.

How to grow Butternut Squash- My favorite!

Butternut Squash On VineGrowing butternut squash has become a yearly tradition for many folks. That's probably because butternut squash are so easy to plant, maintain and harvest. They are also delicious to eat in a wide variety of recipes. The plants don't take up too much room in the garden and bush varieties can even be grown in containers.

 To read full article follow this link:

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Get informed first...

I am very sensitive to Vaccines and the harm they can cause. My grandson has Autism. He was a perfectly normal baby in every way, then after his shots at about 18 months we lost him, just gone shut down. Nobody can convince me it wasn't the vaccines.

These drugs are strong and full of poison not meant for the human body let alone in the quantity they are injected into our children. 

I'm not saying all Autism is caused by vaccines, but why take the risk with your child's life. They will tell you it is absolutely safe, even make you feel stupid if you ask about this. This is your child you make the decision, not the doctor!

Jenny McCarthy has worked with some Dr's and has a safe vaccine schedule if you are going to vaccinate you child, for that matter I bet you can even find one on the internet, so GOOGLE away!

Praise the Lord, After lots of Love, great care and schooling Ethan is doing great! Almost Autistic free...

Choose wisely......

"Vaccination is not necessary, not useful, does not protect. There are twice as many casualties from vaccination as from AIDS." --Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, West Germany, specialist of internal diseases and participant in about 150 trials of vaccination victims

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Walnuts Health Benefits Aid in Treating Breast Cancer

Had to blog this one about Walnuts.
Especially after the bacon grease piece. 
Just eat lots of walnuts! 
It's all about balance...
walnuts health benefits image

Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Ok loving this article for Sun-Dried Tomatoes. 
Great Pictures and Instructions.  
Thanks for the post 
sundried tomato1
Follow this link to full article:


Uses for Bacon Grease

Who doesn't love bacon grease... 
Uses for Bacon Grease
Well, I sure do It makes 
Good Great & best better...          
You get the pig-ture....

Follow the Link below for some great uses for bacon Grease:

Making Pectin From Scratch

This is defiantly worth knowing! SRN

Thanks for the share :) 
Follow this Link for the full Article:


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Love these fabric Pumpkins/Tutorial

I love the Fall it's my favorite time of the year! 

Happy Pumpkin Making
A facebook friend,    
Greta King-Laws 
posted these today 
and I fell in love with them. 

She was kind enough to let me share, her tutorial and her pictures with all of you! 

Thanks Greta :)

 Greta's Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial...

Moulting - how, when and why chickens moult

Not Always a Pretty site...

The Molting Chicken: A Vulnerable Time?

During autumn, many household poultry keepers, particularly people keeping poultry for the first time, are puzzled because egg production markedly declines or ceases despite their laying birds appearing healthy. This seasonal decline in egg production occurs when birds go into a condition known as the 'moult'.

Moulting is the process of shedding and renewing feathers. During the moult, the reproductive physiology of the bird has a complete rest from laying and the bird builds up its body reserves of nutrients.
The provision of new feathers or a coat (a feature inherent in most animals) is a natural process, designed by nature to maintain a bird's ability to escape enemies by flight and better protect against cold winter conditions.

Under usual conditions, adult birds moult once a year. Some may moult twice in one year and, rarely, once in two years.

The pullet 

The chick goes through one complete and three partial moults during its growth to point of lay. Generally, complete moulting occurs from 1-6 weeks of ag, and partial moulting at 7-9 weeks, 12-16 weeks and 20-22 weeks. During this final moult, the stiff tail feathers grow.

The laying hen 

Mature birds normally undergo one complete moult a year, usually in autumn. However, this can depend on the time of the year that the bird started laying. Natural moulting usually begins sometime during March or April and should be completed by July when egg production recommences. The three main factors that bring about moulting are:
  • physical exhaustion and fatigue
  • completion of the laying cycle (as birds lay eggs for a certain period of time)
  • reduction of the day length, resulting in reduced feeding time and consequent loss of body weight.
Eleven months of continuous production is expected from pullets hatched in season. So if a flock of pullets commences laying in March at six months of age, they should continue laying until the following February, although an occasional bird may moult after laying for a few weeks. However, these few birds should begin laying again after June 22 (the shortest day of the year) and continue in production until the following autumn. Pullets coming into lay in June should lay until the following April, giving 11 months of continuous egg production without the aid of artificial light. Pullets coming into lay in spring (August) should lay well into April (nine months); however, unless artificial lighting is provided, most of them will moult during May and June.

Moulting and nutrition  

If a bird stops laying and moulting, this means its physical condition is deteriorating and, therefore, cannot support egg production, continued nourishment of their feathers or body maintenance. Feathers contain protein and are more easily grown when laying ceases because of the difficulty in assimilating sufficient protein for both egg and feather production. During the moult, the fowl still needs a considerable amount of good quality food to replace feathers and build up condition.

Good layers and moulting

The time at which a laying hen ceases production and goes into moult is a reliable guide as to whether or not the hen is a good egg producer. Poor producing hens moult early (November-December), and take a long time to complete the process and resume laying i.e. they 'hang' in the moult and are out of production for six to seven months. Poor producers seldom cast more than a few feathers at a time and rarely show bare patches.

High-producing hens moult late and for a short period (no more than 12 weeks), and come back into production very quickly. Rapid moulting is seen not only in the wing feathers of good producers, but also in the loss of body feathers generally. Because of this, it is common to see a late and rapid moulting hen practically devoid of feathers and showing many bare patches over its body.

The moulting process 

Moulting - order of feather loss
Figure 1. The moulting process
Moulting takes place in a particular order. Feathers are confined to definite tracts or areas of the body surface, with bare patches of skin between. The first plumage is lost from the head and neck, then from the saddle, breast and abdomen (body), then from the wings and finally from the tail.

When the first feathers drop from the neck and body, good layers often keep laying. However, when the wing feathers begin to drop, laying usually ceases.

The main wing feathers comprise 4 tiny finger feathers on the extreme tip of the wing, 10 large primary or 'flight' feathers, a small axial feather and 14 secondary feathers, which are smaller and softer than the primaries.

When the wing moults, primary feathers are shed first from the axial outwards to the end of the wing. Then the secondaries are shed, though not in such a set order as the primaries. The number one primary feather is the first to drop, followed by a number two and then in order to number 10. While the primaries are shed, the secondaries begin to drop.

The axial feather drops at the same time as the secondary next to it. A new quill starts to grow as soon as the old feather is out, and takes approximately six to seven weeks to grow. The moult is complete when all primary flight feathers on the wing have been replaced. The feathers of the moulted bird are larger, fuller, softer, cleaner, brighter and glossier than the previous feathers, which were small, hard, dry, frayed and tattered.

The difference between a rapid and slow moulter is not a difference in the growth rate of the individual feather, but the fact that the rapid moulter renews a large number of feathers at the same time. With this knowledge, the rate of moulting can be ascertained by examining the number of flight feathers on the wing being replaced simultaneously. If a hen is found to have grown some of her primaries before starting to moult her secondaries, it may be assumed that she laid well into the moult and was therefore a good layer.

Sometimes, high producing hens do not moult all their primary feathers but carry them on for another year. Generally, a layer moults when production ceases; although, if the bird has an inherited tendency for high production, moulting will probably precede cessation of production, and conversely if she is a poor producer. Modern laying breeds should moult in late autumn because they have been bred specifically for egg production, i.e. to lay at a higher rate and for a longer period of time.

A laying bird that lays regularly usually retains old feathers. If a hen ceases production for any reason other than mild sickness or broodiness, it loses its feathers.

If a hen ceases production during spring or summer, it may moult one or two primaries and then stop moulting, and come into lay again. This is known as a vacation moult. When the hen starts its full moult later in autumn, it drops the next feather in sequence and moults in order of the remaining primaries.

A bird may sometimes experience a neck or partial moult without any loss of production. However, if the moulting extends beyond the neck moult stage, the hen ceases production.

The presence of 'pin' feathers (new emerging feathers) usually indicates a short or partial moult.
Some birds moult continuously and can be easily detected in the flock by the spotless condition of their new feathers. These birds are poor producers and should be culled.

Stress factors and moulting

Natural moults can occur any time of the year if birds are subjected to stress. A bird becomes stressed when the environment or management presents a challenge to which the bird cannot respond without suffering a harmful effect. If a hen is subjected to a mild stress condition in late spring when in full production, she will suffer a drop in egg production; whereas, if a hen is subjected to the same stress condition in autumn, it will cease laying and moult.

Common stress factors that can induce moulting include disease, temperature extremes, poor nutrition, predators and poor management. These are discussed in more detail in a separate article (see Further reading below).

Production and moulting

After moulting, birds in their second year of egg production will produce 10-30 per cent less than in their first year of lay, as the lay rate is lower and the birds cease to lay earlier in the following autumn. Birds that have moulted twice and are laying for their third year produce only 70-80 per cent of their second year's eggs (about 60 per cent of their first year's production).

Moulting cockerels

Cockerels also moult and, while in this condition, are nearly always infertile because they have lost weight and their reproductive physiology is in a resting phase. Care must be taken to ensure that cockerels do not lose more than 25 per cent of their body weight while moulting, as this can lead to sterility.

Advantages and disadvantages

The four main advantages of keeping hens during the moult and the following year are that:
  • it is cheaper to carry a bird through a moult than buy replacement pullets
  • fewer replacement pullets may be needed and buying can often be deferred, which means saving money, time and transport
  • moulted birds are hardier and not as prone to disease
  • only high-producing, efficient birds will be retained if strict culling is undertaken during the first year.
The main disadvantage of keeping the hens is that, although moulted birds eat less feed than pullets, they lay less eggs. Overall, their conversion of feed into eggs - and feed cost per dozen eggs - is higher.
Other disadvantages are that:
  • during the moult, they continue to eat but remain unproductive
  • they are not as tender to eat if they are slaughtered for the table after two years of laying
  • too few birds may be retained to provide sufficient eggs the following year.

Year-round laying and moulting

Year-round egg production can be achieved through the purchase of pullets in autumn at point-of-lay. This provides sufficient eggs while the older birds are moulting. When the pullets' rate of lay declines in the summer, the additional eggs from the moulted birds should sustain an adequate supply. The following autumn, the older birds can be slaughtered for the table, the best pullets can be allowed to moult, and another lot of pullets on point-of-lay can be purchased. This allows for 20 per cent pullet wastage due to deaths and culling. Only 70 per cent of the normal pullet requirements need to be purchased and, at the same time, a relatively constant year-round supply of eggs is guaranteed.

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I recieved this email today! Unsettling to say the least. Sharing with all of you...

This was sent to me via my E-mail. 
I am sharing this with all of my 
readers you can think and do 
as you will with this information.
Email as follows:
Ok, I just said I would just stick to prepper info, but this ties in with all the crap Obama is passing, Federal agencies buying all the ammo, mobile bullet proof building's to shut down highways and have been in use. We know for a fact the Russia Special Forces are here. They have been seen and it has been in print in military newspapers. We know the Chinese are here, The governor of Idaho has given them a lot of land here in Idaho and I have read several other states also. Islamic terrorist are thru out the Country, when I was the Program Manager for the  Civilians on the Battlefield training group, we use Red Brigade troops from Iraq to train out troops going over. They got to stay in Country. Laws have been past or are being past to make US the ENEMY. You need to get your food put back now, buy a weapon and lots of ammo. We have Nuclear power plants shutting down across the Country now. Grid going down soon? There is just too much bad news coming out at a high speed for something bad not to follow. I talked with some Border Patrol folks  in Idaho and did you know there are areas along the Canadian border they can't go. Well lets throw all the borders open for the bad guys on the North and the South to come in. From my days in the government, I have heard the Command talk about the suitcase nukes coming into our Country and nothing was being done about it. This was from 1973 to 1985. I was also part of REX -84 program, it is real.
If even a part of this article is true, we are in serious trouble. Time is running out and we need to step up our training, commo skills and everything we need to do to be at the safe house when it hits. Stop thinking/talking about it and do it. Enough said, Be Prepared, Be Thankful, Be Prayerful.

Best Regards,

Makes ya go hmmmmmmmmm....................
New DHS Informant Leaks a Shocker

In a passionate warning to his global listeners, TruNews host Rick Wiles revealed the latest in a series of startling information leaked to him through a source who knows a contact deep within U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“There’s a Russian, Chinese, Islamic military invasion coming to the U.S.A,” Wiles forcefully told his audience, Wednesday.

“I was told something, today, that I almost hesitate to repeat on the air,” Wiles continues. “You know, people pass on to me lots of rumors I can’t verify, therefore, I never mention them on the radio.”

In previous broadcasts, the 12-year Christian radio veteran has passionately pleaded with his listeners to prepare for startling changes coming to the United States—changes so horrific, that even he admits may sound crazy if the information wasn’t being told to him by long-time, credible and proven sources.

“But I spoke with a close friend, whom I’ve known for many years. This couple is well-connected to important business and political people. They have a personal friend who is an agent for [the Department of] Homeland Security. The agent promised to alert them if he ever heard anything significant that warranted immediate preparation.

“For years, he said nothing until now. He told them there’s talk inside Homeland Security offices that Russian Spetsnaz commandos are infiltrating into the U.S.A from Canada. He said it’s been underway all summer, and he estimated the number of commandos at the present time inside the U.S.A to be in excess of 20,000.”

The most intimate knowledge of the coming danger to the U.S. comes to him off air, Wiles says, as his sources seek to distance themselves from the information for the purposes of their own safety as well as the safety of their families. Because of his position as a journalist, radio host and trusted leader of the Christian community, Wiles receives the most sensitive information ‘off the record’ in the hopes that others who speak ‘on the record’ will be taken seriously.

“If I didn’t know the integrity and the high-level connections and the social standing of my friends, I would never pass this on to you on the radio,” Wiles explains. “But I know this couple. Let me tell you, financially, socially, I’m at the bottom of their friends list. They run with the big dogs. Therefore, when they tip me off that they got a call from a friend inside DHS with this kind of information, I don’t dismiss it lightly as a conspiracy rumor.”

Previous reports of Russian military personnel participating in joint ‘civil drills’ with local law enforcement at Ft. Carson, Colorado between May 24 and 31 of this year may have had something to do with the ongoing clandestine immigration of Russian commandos alleged by Wiles’ source, but a possible reason for the stealth entry into the U.S of 20,000 troops wasn’t ventured during Wiles’ Wednesday’s disclosure.

However, a source to Wiles of more than a decade ago offers the possibility of a much more nefarious explanation for the infiltrating Russian commandos that can be traced back more than 30 years.

“I spent several days with Colonel Stanislav Lunev in 1999,” says Wiles. “He was my guest when I lived in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Colonel Lunev is the highest ranking Russian GRU military spy ever to defect to the West. . .

“One of his assignments was to find places to hide nuclear suitcase bombs inside the U.S.A. You can read about it in his book, Through the eyes of the enemy.

“Colonel Lunev personally told me that the Russians were bringing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons into the U.S.A throughout the 1970s and 80s by smuggling them over the Mexican border.

“Colonel Lunev said there are Russian Spetznazs commandos coming in and out of the U.S.A every month disguised as tourists, professors, doctors, reporters; they come and go.”

The implications of, even, an attempted ground invasion by sleeper Russian commandos, in addition to other hostile sleeper cells rumored to be hibernating on American soil, are staggering, but also raise the possibility that a false-flag of an invasion may be planned as the excuse to lock-down America during a currency crisis.

Could something as bizarre as an attack by foreign rebels lurking in wait the plan for legitimizing a decree of martial law from the White House? Would another bigger and more horrific 9/11-like event of that magnitude be planned to mask the real reason for a dollar collapse? How else would Washington divert the wrath of an irate citizenry armed to the teeth when food and basic necessities go wanting for days, weeks or maybe months?

Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente told Lew Rockwell of the von Mises Institute, Tuesday, “I believe we’re facing another 9-11 moment of some sort. Whether it’s false-flag [or] real. Whether it’s economic or geopolitical, something in my bones is telling me that you better be prepared now, because this thing is coming down fast.”

Celente strongly suggests Americans follow the “Celente’s 3-G’s” for survival during these extraordinary times of American history. The 3-G’s include: Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan.

Wiles may suggest another ‘G’ to Celente’s 3-G’s: Gold, Guns, Getaway plan and God, not necessarily in that order of importance.

Read more: http://www.beaconequity.com/

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So much out there in cyber space land!

I see so much and anymore can't say if it's true or partially true, photo shopped or doctored in some way.

When I started this Network I couldn't hardly find an other site doing what I am trying to do. Now the internet is inundated with sites preaching, Prepping, preparedness and the dirty politics and bad leadership that brought us to this very critical place that we now are standing in our country. Yet there are many that don't see a problem or have a concern. Go figure... Conditions of life are in the eye's of the beholder!

I personally don't hold the government fully responsible for the condition of our great country, after all we followed them like sheep to the slaughter! They told us it was better, easier, and right and we said, "sign us up we like easy" To much government, to little We the People! We gave our common sense away for easy!

Everyone seems to have there own reason for prepping and they are all happy to share their point s of view, as you can watch on TV weekly. My whole reason for becoming "Self Reliant" had to do with a simpler less commercial lifestyle. Better, cleaner food, freedom from debt and just all around a more peaceful lifestyle.

We have a had our share of personal tragedy, health, financial, and family just name a few. The word "prepper" was non-exsistant when I started this network, things have certainly changed. My reason for Self Reliance has not, other than maybe someday if the USA does crash and the SHTF I will be somewhat ready, after all who can be ready for all things, and for that matter who even knows what "All thing" would be.

Thus I will continue with my determination to live a simple lifestyle and enjoy it as long as God gives me my freedoms in this beautiful country I am blessed to call home...

 To each their own,  I love free will and that choice to choose...

I am a strong Christian and Love my God Deeply and am so thankful and Blessed to know my Lord as my Savior. That is what I believe keeps me centered and not to far to the left or right.(not Politically speaking) Not that I'm all dialed in and perfect, but I do understand the unconditional love of my creator and am so thankful for forgiveness. My mistakes have been many...

Lately I have been thinking about walking away from this quest that I had to help people to see the real simplicity and peace we can enjoy outside of what the world and society tells us we need or should be.

I had someone suggest to me that I might need to do more research before I post some of the things I see on line. Maybe they are right, but do I really want to put even more time into this then I already do. Is it worth it? Can my time be spent elsewhere for the better good?

Maybe it's time for me to walk away from the computer and into the world and reach out in other ways. I have been tossing a few idea's around in my head over the past few months. Maybe now is the time! Maybe that was the gentle nudge that I needed. Needless to say I will praying about what and where I need to be. I want to make as much difference to people who are lost and hurting as I can. Funny it came at a time I was considering change...

I sure enjoy all of you so much and love what you have to share. I'm thinking just a new direction for me might be in my near future...

You all be praying for me!

As always Keep on Keeping on and strive for your own "Self Reliant Life"

Best regards to you all,
Rebecca Plummer
Self Reliant Network

100-year-old way to filter rainwater

You never know what you may
 need to know in the future! 
Just saying...SRN

Follow the link below for instructions:

No yeast- Make your own.

Got Wheat but no Yeast! Try this one... SRN

1 1/8 teaspoon baking soda  & 1 1/8 teaspoon Vitamin C powder or Citric Acid = 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast

There are two basic types of yeast for baking: active dry yeast and compressed fresh yeast. Active dry yeast comes in two varieties: regular and quick-rising. Any of the three can be used successfully in bread-baking.
The differences among them are these: Active dry yeast is dehydrated yeast; it is granular and comes in 1/4-ounce packages. Some recipes call for active dry yeast to be "proofed" in warm water and sugar before the flour is added to make the dough.

In other recipes, active dry yeast can be added with the flour to the warm water/sugar mixture. Quick-rising yeast is also active dry yeast, but it has been formulated to raise the dough in one-third to one-half the time.
Compressed fresh yeast is the moist type that is sold in 0.6-ounce and 2-ounce cakes. It is quite perishable, so store it in the fridge and use it within two to four weeks. (Bring it to room temperature before using.)
In general, just use the type of yeast called for in your recipe. However, feel free to use the dry yeasts interchangeably.

 QUICK TIP: If you run out of commercial yeast, substitute equal parts baking soda and powdered Vitamin C or citric acid. Your dough won't need to rise before baking. (1 packet of yeast contains 2 1/4 teaspoons. So you'd want 1 1/8 teaspoon each of baking soda and powdered Vitamin C or citric acid to equal 2 1/4 teaspoons of the yeast you are replacing)

Happy Baking

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Guns-Posted By: Self Reliant Network

Guns will always be dangerous in the 
Thats exactly why they also need to be in the 

Monday, August 13, 2012

W. Nile Outbreak Widens, Avoid Mosquito Bites

Hong Kong Bird Market
West Nile Virus: 
How Mayo Clinic Defines It:
West Nile virus is an infection transmitted by mosquitoes. If you become infected with West Nile virus, you may not experience any signs or symptoms or you may experience only minor ones, such as fever and mild headache. However, some people who become infected with West Nile virus develop a life-threatening illness that includes inflammation of the brain.

Mild signs and symptoms of a West Nile virus infection generally go away on their own. But severe signs and symptoms — such as a severe headache, disorientation or sudden weakness — require immediate attention.
West Nile Virus Map CDC

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hass Avocado

Hass Avocados
I could Eat these everyday!
Q: What’s a “nutrient-dense” food?

A: Nutrient dense foods are those that provide substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients with relatively few calories.

See the Hass Avocado nutrition label to see a list of nutrients each serving contains: http://bit.ly/fNrbim

The girls 1st Potato Harvest

 One Potato two Potato...

So awesome got to Harvest Potatoes today with my granddaughters. They were just delighted! It was like Christmas every time they pulled another potato from the soil. Little Abby just just kept yelling, "another potato" When we finished we washed a couple little ones off at the hose and had a sample of our harvest!

Tonight they are being cooked up to join a rooster that was butchered today for the BBQ grill...

Thinking about it how many kids even know were a potatoes come from. If you can find yourself a bucket and buy a organic potato and let it go to seed and grow yourself some fresh potatoes with your kids or grand kids like in my case. What a awesome treat to plant, grow, harvest, cook and eat them together.

It sure made my day!




"lax gun laws"

Post by: Self Reliant Network
Written by: Eric Plummer

For those that say the only reason we have "lax gun laws" is because of money. No doubt the $ plays an important role, if not the most important role as to why we still even have gun rights in our current broken government. But I think while everyone would like stricter restrictions for criminals or psychos to get guns it will never stop mass shootings or other gun violence. People with bad intentions will ALWAYS find a way to get what they want. Making it harder doesn't stop them, never has, never will. Its fantasy to think otherwise.

I look at "gun control" from these points:
1. If everyone had a gun on them, who could legal from a constitutional point and with proper training, how many people would take the risk of doing a mass shooting or commit a lot of the crimes that plague us these days? Its like nuclear weapons in the world power scene. Once your country has a nuclear capabilities people respect you at a whole new level once they know you have one. The states with the strictest gun laws have the worst gun crime rates, and who suffers the most from "stricter gun laws"? The innocent, not the criminals. Also, some of the strictest gun control countries have worse crime rate than the US.

2. It has been said in interviews with foreign powers that they would not want to ever invade America because over 50% of the citizens have fire arms. So having assault weapons also preserves that deterrent.

3. The country's forefathers put in the 2nd amendment without restrictions to the type of "arms" because we had just fought a war of tyranny and oppression against Great Britain's government and they knew that if the general populace could not defend itself from its own government that history would eventually repeat itself, its human nature. Look where we are today? Granted I don't think we are there, yet.. but we are pretty close to it now where the federal government can do WHATEVER it wants to its citizens with impudence thanks to the Patriot Act, NDAA, and other regulations/departments of government.

I love my country, served in its military, and would take a bullet for any of my family and friends to this day to defend their freedom, but its getting to the point where some of them trust in a corrupt government to take care of them more than they can take care of themselves along with those in their community. Its just insanity!

I mean who really thinks those making laws have OUR best interest at heart? If anyone does they are delusional. Do you truly trust your local, state, and federal government to fix the problems that face our Country today? Be honest. Have they in the past 10, 20, 30, 40 years? What have they truly fixed? Someone tell me please. We are still in massive debt to foreign countries and banking cartels who we don't even know who owns them, our tax laws take up a library on its own, and the only ones who profit from it are the extremely rich and extremely poor, we have as much military in foreign countries that we have in our own country and have been at war since 9/11, every department of the government is over budget, everything they have "created" has gone bankrupt or should technically have gone bankrupt if it was not for bailouts and deficit spending, our congress is allowed to be involved in insider trading, and on and on and on. Yet people still are deluded and trust them to magically stop being corrupt and self serving and fix real problems.. seriously?

Yet people still trust them to make more laws and regulations regarding our 2nd amendment rights which have already almost been marginalized to "hunting" and "sporting" purposes? The 2nd amendment is not about "hunting" and "sporting" that is just more spin and attempt to redefine the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

Our government is so corrupt they are incapable of doing anything to help its citizenrs who they are supposed to serve.  Please go to the root of what drives those in power today. Do they want to serve? or do they want more power? Ask yourself that from a human nature standpoint and from a short historic look at their actions as a whole. What do their actions show? It doesn't look like service to me? Then ask yourself based off of that, "Do people that desire more power ever want others with any power that could endanger theirs?". Rhetorical I know, the answer is a big fat "NO"

So no I am not for any gun control laws other than for non US Citizens, jury proven criminals, and psychotics. If your not on a national list for the above then you can own whatever firearms you want. In the end it would mean less crime, less corruption, and a more accountable society.

In the end the saying is true when it comes to the 2nd Amendment: "Use it or lose it!" I advice everyone to enjoy, embrace, and protect your right to bear arms to protect your self, your family, and friends from those that would seek to do harm... < sarcasm >or you could just leave it up to the humble, trustworthy, and honest politicians to take care of you. </sarcasm>

Potato peeling made easy...

 How to speed peel a Potato...

Click  HERE for Video

Goat Care, Information, Health & Husbandry

My Daughter-in-law passed this site on to me,
 Lesley has gained some great insight here. 
So much great goat information to learn! SRN

 Fias Co Farm
Goat Information, Care, Heath & Husbandry
Is your one stop resource for:


Fresh Bass Dinner on the table...

Just enjoyed a cold piece of fresh caught Bass from last night's dinner! Jacks been keeping us stocked up with fresh Bass, so yummy... I cook it like my Mama did for my Daddy when we were kids...

All you need is:
  • Some beautiful fresh fish filets
  • 2 cups Oil
  • 1 tsp Salt & Pepper
  • 1 tsp Garlic Salt
  • 1 tsp Onion powder
  • 2 cups Corm meal
  • Egg's (optional) this will give you a heaver corn meal coating.
  • Cayenne pepper (optional)
  • Lemon pepper (optional) My sister adds this one
  • skillet of your choice
Mix all the dry ingredients together. (Adjust ingredients to taste) I shake them up in a bag, then throw in my fish filets, dipped in egg or just rinsed under water works just fine. Give the bag a good shake to coat your fish with the corn meal mix, then pull them out shaking lightly to remove some of the looser corn meal and place them in you skillet with your hot oil. Fry until golden and crispy. 

Note: I never measure, so you may need to adjust spices to your taste.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A simple butterfly, so amazing!

Some things never cease to amaze me!

Just Open Up Your Eyes And Look

Choose to become Self Reliant either way! SRN

  65 Signs That The Economic Collapse Is Already Happening

Do you want to know when the "economic collapse" is going to happen?  Just open up your eyes and take a look.The "economic collapse" is already happening all around us.  So many people talk about the coming economic collapse as if it is some massively hyped event that they will be able to point to on the calendar, and a lot of writers spend a lot of time speculating about exactly when it will happen.  But as I have written about before, the economic collapse is not a single event.  The economic collapse has been happening, it is happening right now, and it will be getting a lot worse.

See full article at: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/just-open-up-your-eyes-and-look-65-signs-that-the-economic-collapse-is-already-happening


 Really liked this one best! SRN

Before and After:
Re-Hydrating Food

Re-hydrating Food: This is the amazing part

Hopefully you've learned a lot from our site about how to dehydrate your foods, 
so now it's time to put the water back in and re-hydrate the food!
For a cupful of dehydrated veggies, for instance, I'll add water to the 2 cup mark in a glass measuring jug. In other words, add twice the amount of water to the amount of food you are re-hydrating.
It's really only a case of making sure there's enough water for the foods to drink up, so keep your eye on it and add more water if it looks like it'll dry up before your foods are nice and plump again!

Vegetables Before Re-Hydrating

Vegetables BEFORE re-hydrating
These dehydrated vegetables, in the photo above, are from previously frozen bags of crinkle-cut carrots, peas, green beans, and some Ore-Ida Hash Brown potatoes --
 along with dehydrated fresh onion, celery and elephant garlic!

Note: You have here the humble/great beginnings of a very tasty Vegetable Soup.
Check out the photo below where the water is being absorbed and you can see just how far up the jar the vegetables in the water have reached!

Hot or Cold Water?

I'll use hot (boiling) water for re-hydrating food when I'm making a recipe that calls for 
hot 'stock' because my bouillon dissolves better in just-boiled water --
 but if you know it'll be sitting around a while before you get to use it, then cold (clean) water works fine.

I must make an important point here: if you're re-hydrating food in hot water, please make sure to  
BRING IT BACK TO A BOIL while you're preparing your recipe; you don't want to 
have food sitting around in hot/warm water without boiling it again -- be safe -- 
don't let any airborne germs get a chance to fester in it prior to eating!
It takes about an hour for small veggies to plump back up in the water;
 the larger veggies take longer, about two hours.

Also note that you may want to cook your re-hydrated veggies a little longer than usual ... 
it helps makes the vegetables taste like whole vegetables again.

Vegetables After Re-Hydrating

Vegetables AFTER re-hydrating

Water Quality Counts

Remember, the quality of the water you use while re-hydrating food IS important, as the water is being absorbed by the foods that you are going to eat re-hydrated again -- so don't skimp here by using nasty water! By nasty, you know what I mean! If you wouldn't drink it, don't use it! 
Make sure it's good, clean, drinking water.

It's not always necessary to re-hydrate your foods. For instance, you may want to grind up some of your dehydrated garlic to make garlic powder and grind up some onions too for onion powder!

If you're making a soup where the vegetables aren't sauteed in olive oil at the start of the recipe, then go ahead and just add them to the water, (or soup stock or soup base according to the recipe) in their dehydrated form! For the most part, they'll plump right up in the
 water/stock base if you let them sit and cook long enough!

Carrots BEFORE re-hydrating


Melba, a good friend of mine, asked me today if dehydrated foods lose their nutritional value and how did they really taste when re-hydrated? Excellent questions Melba! I assured her that for the most part, they retain much of their nutritional value because all that's been taken out is the 
excess water during the dehydration process ... (but like ALL fruits and vegetables, 
when cooked-to-death, they WILL lose nutrients!)
Carrots AFTER re-hydrating

And the Taste?

I will admit that my first effort at re-hydrating carrots yielded somewhat spongy carrots
, but when I cooked them a little more, they were fine. They were whole baby carrots
 and that might have had something to do with the sponginess...

My sliced carrots re-hydrated perfectly! All the other vegetables just come back to life when added to water and it's really quite amazing to see! My favorite are peas... and celery!

The grated carrots in these photos were for Deb's Delectable Carrot Cake...
 check it out, it's delectable alright!


How to Dehydrate Foods

Another ways to store your garden harvest for the coming year.   
I love the thought of tasting garden fresh produce all winter! SRN

Here are the most frequently asked questions: