Thursday, July 12, 2012

private email I was sent...

 This is a private email I was sent. I can't say how much validity this carries, 
but found it interesting and
 a little disturbing. SRN

 This is not a maybe sometime in the future piece of information. They are doing it right now.

 A couple of days ago as I was driving, I passed a state trouper car, setting in a hidden spot, well after dark, and  the an evening was overcast. I  was doing the speed limit, but he pulled out and began following me as soon as I passed. This was about a half mile from a neighbors place, so I pulled into my neighbors to ask him to come work for me the next day.

We talked for 10 minutes before I continued on my way, only to be stopped about a mile further up the highway. This is how the conversation went.

The cop came up along the right side of my pickup, shined his flashlight in my eyes and told me to put both hands out the driver side window. After I complied he came around to talk, and my question was. Have things gotten this bad? He answered Yes. Then asked why I had pulled into the neighbors place, BUT HE NAMED THE RESIDENTS OF THAT PLACE. He didn't have his lights on, and was following at a fair distance, so this question should not  have been asked. Mind you, this is remote country at the northern edge of Idaho, and we rarely see state troupers up here, so it wouldn't be normal for him to know the name of local residents! The local sheriff does most of the patrol in this area. But this state trouper knew the residents name.

Then he told me he stopped me because I had the pickup tailgate down and it was hard to read the license plate.

He was actually quite nice and very talkative, and I was congenial, so he enjoyed bragging a bit after checking my driver license, insurance papers etc and finding all in order. So he asked where I lived and I told him  at the address on my license. "What color house?" I said green but you can't see it from the road. He said yes I can. With the border patrol drones flying at 9,000 feet up there continually, I can see every house at any time, see people coming and going, track all the traffic, no matter where they go, etc, etc.

 I said you have a TV in your car that shows all that? He said he did  and had enough electronics in that car to "cook a chicken". Thanks to Obamanation, we have GPS numbers for every house in the nation now, and with this snooping power they can stop someone miles from home, and look at their house while looking at his ID!

And most of the patriots of this  nation have had the false notion that they would be able to grab a pack sack and rifle and run into the woods when things blow sky-high in this country. Sorry folks. Our only hope of beating this will have to come from a  power that is higher than their drones!

Get in the habit of asking for His  Holy help now, so he knows who you are when trouble gets so big that help is mandatory!

I wrote the previous email as soon as I read the first few lines of this one you sent. The trouper verified it all a few days before I got your information!


  1. I saw a drone fly over my house this morning and I live in Spotsylvania county, Virginia. It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

  2. I saw a strange aircraft thing fly over me in Honey Island , TX, It wasn't scary but was moving at a super rate of speed and flying just above the tree tops. ?? It was not a small plane or crop duster or anything like that. Does anyone know what it could of been? It was silver and a very shiney silver. Not what we normally see.

  3. Technology is neat, but wow makes ya think twice about skinny dippin in your own backyard to say the least. Then the po-lice will REALLY know what ya look like.


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