Friday, August 17, 2012

So much out there in cyber space land!

I see so much and anymore can't say if it's true or partially true, photo shopped or doctored in some way.

When I started this Network I couldn't hardly find an other site doing what I am trying to do. Now the internet is inundated with sites preaching, Prepping, preparedness and the dirty politics and bad leadership that brought us to this very critical place that we now are standing in our country. Yet there are many that don't see a problem or have a concern. Go figure... Conditions of life are in the eye's of the beholder!

I personally don't hold the government fully responsible for the condition of our great country, after all we followed them like sheep to the slaughter! They told us it was better, easier, and right and we said, "sign us up we like easy" To much government, to little We the People! We gave our common sense away for easy!

Everyone seems to have there own reason for prepping and they are all happy to share their point s of view, as you can watch on TV weekly. My whole reason for becoming "Self Reliant" had to do with a simpler less commercial lifestyle. Better, cleaner food, freedom from debt and just all around a more peaceful lifestyle.

We have a had our share of personal tragedy, health, financial, and family just name a few. The word "prepper" was non-exsistant when I started this network, things have certainly changed. My reason for Self Reliance has not, other than maybe someday if the USA does crash and the SHTF I will be somewhat ready, after all who can be ready for all things, and for that matter who even knows what "All thing" would be.

Thus I will continue with my determination to live a simple lifestyle and enjoy it as long as God gives me my freedoms in this beautiful country I am blessed to call home...

 To each their own,  I love free will and that choice to choose...

I am a strong Christian and Love my God Deeply and am so thankful and Blessed to know my Lord as my Savior. That is what I believe keeps me centered and not to far to the left or right.(not Politically speaking) Not that I'm all dialed in and perfect, but I do understand the unconditional love of my creator and am so thankful for forgiveness. My mistakes have been many...

Lately I have been thinking about walking away from this quest that I had to help people to see the real simplicity and peace we can enjoy outside of what the world and society tells us we need or should be.

I had someone suggest to me that I might need to do more research before I post some of the things I see on line. Maybe they are right, but do I really want to put even more time into this then I already do. Is it worth it? Can my time be spent elsewhere for the better good?

Maybe it's time for me to walk away from the computer and into the world and reach out in other ways. I have been tossing a few idea's around in my head over the past few months. Maybe now is the time! Maybe that was the gentle nudge that I needed. Needless to say I will praying about what and where I need to be. I want to make as much difference to people who are lost and hurting as I can. Funny it came at a time I was considering change...

I sure enjoy all of you so much and love what you have to share. I'm thinking just a new direction for me might be in my near future...

You all be praying for me!

As always Keep on Keeping on and strive for your own "Self Reliant Life"

Best regards to you all,
Rebecca Plummer
Self Reliant Network


  1. I totally understand, I see so much of this online. People are getting more hateful and don't care one bit. I see it as a "sign of the times" I never could understand as a kid and young person how things could possibly get to the point where we are today. The fact is we were told people will heap to them selves teachers for their itching ears. The best we can do is "be still and know" listen to God and let Him lead us. I've never met you but I love your heart and spirit.

    1. Thank you so much for your words. "Be still and know" this choked me up and spoke to me in this very moment! Blessing's :)

  2. Hi Rebecca! I "feel" for you, can relate to what you're saying & sort-of understand what you're going through. I too am contemplating the same thoughts about what I do. I began my quest on facebook as a way to let people know my online organic store existed & to share posts on organics, recycling, & self-sufficiency. Hoping that maybe someone would be blessed! I have shared many of your posts & sincerely enjoy your site. The difference I see between your site & other prepper sites is the "heart" that you put into your site. That's what keeps me coming back to you. Somethings you may say something that totally lifts my spirit & encourages me besides teaching me. I too am a Christian & could not survive this worlds craziness if it were not for our Lord's amazing grace & love! The time & effort it takes to do what we do can be time-consuming but as for me, I would truly miss you! You & your lovely family are an inspiration!! I believe you touch more lives then you know! God bless you in what direction you decide! But I hope you stick around! :)

    1. Thank you Bonnie for such up lifting and kind words. They were a great way to start my morning, Always remembering the Great Grace and Love of our Lord and no matter what the situation their He is! Blessing's to you :)

  3. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

    I think you've done good work here more people are speaking out because of sites like this. More people are waking up getting prepped, watching for signs, and aware of real state we're in.

    1. Thank you for your words of kindness and encouragement. I love Joshua 1:9 :)


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