Thursday, April 19, 2012

I’m Coming to Your House! Yikes...

By Kellene Bishop

I have to say, this is my most hated and loathed 5 word sentence.  Anyone who has the temerity to take control of their future though, aka practices self-reliance, has heard these words, or a derivative thereof way too many times.
“When things get rough, I’m coming to YOUR house!”
“Why do I need to prepare for anything? I’ll just go to my parents house?”
“If the world comes to an end, I’ll just get my gun and find me a Mormon.”
I gotta tell you, I even hate hearing these things when they are said in jest. To me they are just as grating on me as when someone takes the Lord’s name in vain or drops the F-bomb. It’s NOT okay for a person to make death threats, bully or harass another human being—even if they are smiling while they do it, and not O.K. for a person to shirk their own responsibility to take care of themselves and their family.

ACCIDENTS happen, yes. But “planning” on coming to my house INSTEAD of working just as hard as I have to be ready for life’s challenges doesn’t just happen. It’s premeditated CRIME, and what most people don’t realize is that it’s a crime of the worst offense—murder. Homicide, manslaughter, and murder all encompass the killing of another human being, but murder with mens rea, aka malicious intent to kill, is the worst of them all. It doesn’t matter if the crime of death was drawn out of the course of 2 minutes or they were slowly poisoned or tortured for 2 years; if a death occurs as the result of  prior intent it is considered murder in the 1st degree. Such charges in the legal system result in the death penalty in most states.

Right about now you might be saying “Wow, Kellene’s taking it a little too far, I think.” At first blush it  may seem a bit extreme or melodramatic, but let’s look at it this way; if we carefully prepare to ensure the safety and well-being of our family members for a set period of time, come what may, and spend work effort, money, and time—of which we have no more every day than does the next person—then the addition of an UNPLANNED for person into that equation can only means one thing—the suffering, and likely death of
one or more of the persons which you have worked so hard to provide for and protect.

Physics comes into play here as we recognize that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. In a crisis scenario, every bit of preparation will be critical. The Abundance Mentality, which I ascribe to personally, get replaced by a different type of mentality in such a scenario, regardless of what I think of it. A person can’t live without proper shelter, environmental control, water, and food and no matter how charitable my heart is, nothing can change that. If I haven’t prepared for extra people in my efforts, then the only consequence of you coming to my house amidst a crisis and helping yourself to what I’ve put up in anticipation thereof is the suffering and potentially death of those I love.

Let’s not even look at the finite rations that I might have. Let’s talk about the first two Principles of Preparedness, Spiritual and Mental Preparedness. If you haven’t been preparing spiritually and mentally in terms of strengthening your belief system, skill-set, knowledge, and your mental fortitude, then you are not merely another mouth to feed;  you are a serious liability to the safety of me and my loved ones.

EVERYONE around us is either an asset or a liability. If I’ve taken the time to train, educate, drill, and practice lifesaving skills and you require extra attention, time, or other consideration, then you, who have invited yourself to my sanctuary, are compromising the safety and well-being of those who HAVE prepared. One may whine about “where’s the fairness in you having so much and I have none?” But I say where is the fairness in me paying the price for peace and self-reliance and allowing your lack of doing so compromise or even destroy all that I’ve done?!

Contrary to what so many people practice, preparedness has very little to do with food storage. ( Oh how I wish that more folks would remember that.) Prepping is a journey, not a destination; so we’ll never be “done” but we will have a logistical, finite amount of provisions, but we simply cannot afford to share provisions with persons who haven’t prepared in all of the other Principles of Preparedness because a dearth in any of those areas can kill us just as easily as hypothermia.  So when you are making the choice that you will or will not help someone who’s refused to help themselves PLEASE remember that your risk assessment can’t just take into consideration the tangible goods. So when a person says “I’m coming to your house” they are already showing their woefully inadequate lack of more important Principles of Preparedness.

Also, keep in mind that some may not have the luxury of fully exercising the wisdom of being prepared in a balanced manner. Some may be barely getting through a trial with what they’ve been able to do in advance of a coming crisis. The fact of the matter is, while a person MAY materially speaking be O.K. coming into my home, the research and statistics reveal that over 80% of those who consider themselves “Preppers” are not suitably prepared materially speaking for a long-term crisis (3 months or more) for their own family in the face of a financial collapse, drought, famine, regional or nation quarantine, and a litany of other potential disasters–let alone taking in others and caring for them as well. So, a person who has the laissez-fare attitude of inviting themselves into someone else’s  supplies is actually more likely to cause extreme suffering and/or death to such a family than not!

Possible Responses to “I’m Coming to Your House”:

“O.K. That will be $53,872, please, payable in gold or silver, a year in advance.”

“Let’s say we’re both Type 1 Diabetes sufferers. I have stored a month’s supply of medications and you’ve stored none. Is it all right for you to invite yourself to rob me of my quality of life when you’ve not done anything to take care of yours?”

 “And will you be dressed as Genghis Khan, the British Soldiers, or Attila the Hun when you do so?

“Actually, I view my sacred stewardship over taking care of my family very seriously. I would hope that you’re only kidding and view that same stewardship to take care of yourself and your loved ones just as seriously. “

“So, let me get this straight. I’ve worked for the last 10 years so that when things go wrong I’m not a burden on you and your family, but it’s OK for you to do nothing and knowingly become burden on me and mine?”

“Great—and I’ll be sure to let you in so long as you know the password.”

“Well, you better come armed and skilled then.”

“So, let’s see if I understand; you’ve shown that you have no regard for your own well-being and safety, Now, why would I want you around my family to expose them to that same kind of dangerous way of thinking?

“And which of my children would you have me kill at my house so that you can shirk your own personal responsibility?”

“Great, and when I retire I’m coming to YOUR retirement fund.”

“Sure, just so long as you surrender your weekly paycheck and any spare time you’ve got now for the next 10 years.”

“When the roads have been torn up due to an earthquake, or when the value of the dollar is useless, or when gas costs $20 a gallon or when you’ve been ordered to stay in your home due to a quarantine, tell me how that plan works for ya?”

“Oh, you mean just like Adolph Hitler helped himself to the wealth and life’s work of the Jews?”

“Is that your idea of a PLAN or a threat?”

“Sure, I need real people to volunteer to test my security system for the uninvited.”

“Fabulous. Admission is an entire year’s supply of bullets, beans, and band-aids per person.”

Now, having said that all this, understand that I do believe that it is WISE to prepare for more than just you and your family. I believe in being charitable. But you and I both know that charity is not possible when taken by force or manipulation. I personally have a hard time just thinking in terms of just us when it comes to being more self-reliant. But like I always say, there are 2 kinds of people that will come to me—those who would ask and those who would take, and there’s only one kind of person that has a chance of leaving my home without seriously limping. But obviously,  we all have to start somewhere. My husband and I started with just our household in mind, and then expanded to his folks, then my sister’s family, and so on and so forth to the point that we’re focused on trying to prepare for 100 of our family members—most of which are children. We do this because we know that even in spite of their own efforts to prepare themselves, something may happen to prevent them from using their preparedness supplies. I always joke that it would be ironic if I’m killed in an earthquake because my 3,000 pounds of wheat crush me. Grant it, that just might happen. A flood may destroy everything. An earthquake may swallow everything. A mandatory quarantine may come at a time when we’re all gathered for a family holiday. I’m to the point now that I have the luxury of preparing for such an event—but that’s the key—it’s a luxury. The best thing that we can do to help others later, is to help them prepare NOW because otherwise, regardless of how much we love, care, and are concerned for others, we will not be able to violate the laws of physics or of justice and do more than we are able to do without compromising the safety, comfort, and life of those who we are eternally responsible to care for. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather tell my Father in Heaven that I had to turn away someone else than tell Him that I failed to take care of my family whom He entrusted me to care for. Neither thought is pleasant, but we’ve got to draw the line in the sand somewhere.

All this being said, while the individuals who will say “I’m coming to your house” are somewhat clueless to the ramifications of such a statement that doesn’t alter what other truths I know. I want to say that I KNOW that we have been and will continue to be helped extensively by the Lord with great abundance so that I can temporally provide for more and more of those around me who might need it. In fact, ever since I started couponing I’ve  come to understand what the scripture means that says
“and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (See Malachi 3: 8-10)
As good as I am about rotating and using my space wisely I’m certainly starting to run out of room to receive all that He’s blessed us with. How it’s  ultimately used is up to Him, sure.  But I also know that no matter how much I prepare, I will never be able to do so enough to make up for the willful lack of preparedness of others and frankly, He’s not asking me to do that either. That’s not how He works. So keeping that in mind, I encourage everyone to do what you can, keep the whole “I’m coming to your house” statement in the proper perspective along with the firm your resolve to do so, and keep on working on what you have the ability to do.


  1. Grasshoppers vs. ants. My reply would be, "If you do, you'll have to bring all of your survival skills, knowledge and supplies with you, because I don't have enough of any of them to support me AND you, too."

  2. Or you could just put on your crazy face and say... "Good, me and my family LOVE white (or dark) meat. BRAAAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!!!!" [:)]

  3. This is so true. We are just beginning to prep, and so we're known as the crazy doomsday preppers. It doen't bother me until they say they'll just come to our house. I have just said, "It doesn't work that way..." and kind of laugh it off. But it's a very serious thing to have to turn away loved ones. I have tried to persued them to prepare for a natural disaster at the very least a 1 month supply but I guess people have faith in their government. Oh how quickly people forget.

  4. Let me begin by stating that I do agree with some of what you've written. But, that said, I must take umbrage with one of your statements.

    “Oh, you mean just like Adolph Hitler helped himself to the wealth and life’s work of the Jews?”

    The first thing you should know is that those of us who are Jewish liken the term "Jew" or "Jews" to being called any other religious, racial or ethnic slur. It is offensive. There are some situation when it is acceptable, however, the sentence you have created is NOT one of them. We liken it to calling a Black or African American person a N..., or an Italian person a W... it is simply not done and when it is, we cringe. There is a small group of twenty-somethings who think it is cute. It is not.

    Now, onto what really horrified me...

    1) 99% of the Jewish population of Europe prior to WWII were poor. Dirt poor. Selling goods from pushcarts or horse drawn pushcarts. They didn't have cars, they had no money. This is the reason education was and still is so highly valued. With education, one was able to have a profession and not have to sell rags from a cart. Therefore your assertion that "... Hitler helped himself to the wealth..." is completely incorrect.

    2) Read your sentence again. See anything odd? Wrong? Missing? I do!

    “Oh, you mean just like Adolph Hitler helped himself to the wealth and life’s work of the Jews?”

    Had Hitler been nothing more than a thief, well, shame on him and we would have learned a lesson. But, he didn't just hold his pistol in front of people and say "hand over your money". He rounded them up and marched them to concentration camps. He roused them from their beds and made them stand naked in the town square so his henchmen could toss babies into the air and bayonet them like kebabs while their mothers watched. He made hundreds of weak, sick, starving people dig huge pits and then lined them up at the edges of the pits and had them shot so that they would fall into the mass graves they had just dug, all the while their young children watching. Hitler used the Jewish population of Europe as his personal lab animals; trying experiments on them just to see their threshold of pain. Not because he was interested in science but because it was enjoyable for him to see what happened when people endured unnecessary amputations, disfigurements and mutilations without anesthesia. Oh joy of joys!

    So you see, your comment trivializes the loss of millions of people. My family. The families of millions. And, entire families with no one left to perpetuate their good names or recall their histories. Perhaps next time you decide to whine about being unprepared, you will do your homework and prepare yourself!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    jew (j)
    1. An adherent of Judaism as a religion or culture.
    2. A member of the widely dispersed people originally descended from the ancient Hebrews and sharing an ethnic heritage based on Judaism.
    3. A native or inhabitant of the ancient kingdom of Judah.

    Jew [joo]
    one of a scattered group of people that traces its descent from the Biblical Hebrews or from postexilic adherents of Judaism; Israelite.
    a person whose religion is Judaism.
    a subject of the ancient kingdom of Judah.

    a : a member of the tribe of Judah b : israelite
    : a member of a nation existing in Palestine from the sixth century b.c. to the first century a.d.
    : a person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people
    : one whose religion is Judaism

  7. Gold teeth, silver dishes, gold jewelry and wedding bands is not wealth?

    1. I don't give a damn what the dictionary says, we, as Jewish people find it OFFENSIVE.

      Gold teeth were the only way to have teeth replaced. Silver? Seriously? Silver was not precious it is today. Wedding bands? Are you serious? You begrudge someone having teeth and wedding rings? You think that was the point? Douchebag anti-semite! Don't you even have the courage to post your name?

    2. And what would you like to be called?

    3. No Vilda - YOU find it offensive. I as a Jew, do not.

      On the other hand, I don't recall the last time I heard a person with such a big head and full of self-important politically correct nonsense. You found offense where there was none, but I suspect you can find racism in a cheese sandwich. You pumpkin, are a martyr in search of flagellation... or a liberal... probably both! Either way, you suck at being a victim.

  8. Why are you offended? Where did she write ANYTHING like "he's trying to Jew you out of some money" or "the buyer was trying to Jew the price down". You're too up tight. Smoke a joint!

    P.S. All of that gold, silver, precious stones and more of their wealth (small by today's standards) were take (or ripped out) and piled up before those poor souls were gassed.

    P.P.S. Okay, what if I did post my name, whatcha gonna do?

  9. Went to your profile. Your name (or anything else) is posted either; tough guy.

  10. come in here all offended about a perceived slanderous name, end up name calling?
    Your entire point is now lost and no one takes you seriously. What's your name? You post under an alias, too.
    Take your empty, veiled threats elsewhere. You're brand new to this site and you're starting off on the wrong foot if you intend to build *any* credibility.

    This was a great article and is a serious topic for those of us planning for the safety of our families.
    Put on your grown up pants, lighten up, and stop trying to project your social thin-skinned-ness on others.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to post this article Kellene. It's well thought out and very helpful. I share your frustration with the "I'll just come to your house" reply people give.

  12. Get a grip folks. This is exactly why I'm really getting sick of society in general. Instead of paying attention to the message itself, someone gets irked over a WORD. Words cannot harm us, only our perception and reaction to those words. Enough with the PC crapola. Seriously, get a life, get a grip, and get over yourself.

    My question is how these folks know about your preparedness in the first place? I don't share what I'm doing and quite frankly, no one knows whether I'm prepared or not. I keep it that way just so I don't have to deal with the folks who think that the government or others will bail them out.

    If you don't like to hear the statement, don't broadcast what you are doing. Likewise, if you don't like a word or words, don't read the blog, change the channel, whatever.

  13. I have created a supply list to hand out to all who say that now (along with web sites and other info). When they say "I'm coming to your house" I hand them the list and say "if you are serious, we'll probably be able to use the extra hands but you will have to bring this before anything happens, we will find the space to store your stuff, please put a labal on it with your name. If you need help or have questions, feel free to ask." For those who are serious, they have worked hard to bring what's on the list, for those who don't...they no longer can look me in the eye and don't come around any more.

  14. How do people know you are prepared? Some of us live a lifestyle that lends itself to self-sufficiency. Unless you are a hermit and live way off the beaten path folks are going to know if you have livestock, orchard and a big garden.

  15. Something of equal importance. Will they work with you when they DO show up?

    Will they take seriously the threat of home invasions or scoff at it? If they have been anti-gun. Will they change their attitude and fire at people who are attacking? Will they dig and start planting? Or refuse on the grounds that food will show up soon enough in the stores.

    Will they be in denial that humanity screwed up? And that a significant portion of the population will be dying off in the next few months.

    Eating your food is one thing. Not working with you is another. If they don't bring something positive. They are better off shot.

    Sierra Dave

    1. Well, they already scoffed at the fact that something could happen, if they're at your place now , I hope to god they don't scoff at the prospect of having to help to defend your place. I'd say "go on out there and see what they want" while I'm loading :-)

  16. If people are saying to you: " I'm coming to your house". It sounds like you stupidly blabbed to too many people your plans for survival.
    If someone tells me "I'm to your house", my response will be: "Great, there is strength in numbers. Bring a gun and be ready to pitch in with all kinds of needed work".
    If the Sh-t really does hit the fan. The stingy ones holed up in their little bunker don't stand a chance. Especially if they've been blabbing about their stash to everyone. The way to ride it out will be with a small well defended community. There will indeed be tough decisions to make, but I hope to make generous ones as often as possible.

  17. You could say the Liberal, Socialist community does this "demanding you pay your fair share for the greater good". They feel they deserve it and you MUST supply it. (or be fined and/or go to jail via taxation). The idea of survival directly addresses and narrows the time frame for what is the constant struggle between Left & Right. I earned it and should keep it and I will decide what level of altruism I provide. You didn't earn it, have no right to it and have no one to blame but yourself. I value you but not at my own expense.

  18. Thank you for the artical. I've had this problem since the early 90's, emphisize early, not just before Y2K, with my friends, even my wife and family for a while. It's always been "what are you doing all that for", "crazy survivalist", or the infamous, "I'm coming to your house if anything happens". To the guy who called this person an isolationist or stingy, wake the h@ll up. They didn't say anything about turning ALL away. I love how people pick one thing out and don't read the rest to atleast gain some context. Coming to my house for a movie and coming to my house for this situation are two totally different things. I do try to stock alittle extra, but I'm not a d@mn grocery store. Grasshoppers and ants. If you haven't even tried, if you haven't even trained in the most fundamental skills, if you have NOTHING to contribute, guess what, you are SOL buddy. And believe me there are those people who have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to contribute. Theres more and more of them every day. Ain't gonna text or blog your dumb@ss to safety. As far as the racial conotations supposedy expressed, didn't see them. So get over it. I'm not Jewish, but I had alot of brothers die in those camps too. Granted, they had a choice, but they still stood for their beliefs and took it as well, no compromises. What about the gypsies and others who died that had no choices. Get over it. The Nazis got there @sses handed to them, all be it should have been worse for them, you got recognized out of the bunch for taking the brunt of it, and unless you were personally there, drop it. And before any gypsies jump on this, I'm sorry, in advance if "gypsy" is an offensive term.

  19. Thank you for your article. I have struggled with the same issues as a prepper. (I don't like that term either) We have talked about it in much detail and it would be very hard to turn family and friends away in time of need. But depending on the situation, if it is them, or my family, it is no contest.

    I have also struggled with the scriptures saying that we are to give until we are no longer able, or we will be held accountable for it. But does this mean I am to sentence my family to death for their inactions as well? I have come to the conclusion that I will make my mind up depending on the situation because I have received no answer from God yet about it, I leave it to his hand until the time I need the answer.

    On the flip side I have to keep faith that our stores will be ok. I don't want to be the guy who sacrificed and prepped, only to have it be taken away and be reliant on those whom God spared their stores, only to be turned away.

    My standard answer to the comment of "I am just coming to your house." is "Go ahead, we won't be there." It usually gets a funny look, but it gets the point across well.

  20. Depending on who they are my response may be anything from nothing to "NO!" to "If you come in demanding what I have at the expense of me and mine, I will take what you have and use your body as bait for feral dogs." Most of my friends and close family are as prepared as I am or more so.


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