Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Coming Judgment on America is Approaching

If you're not preparing you better start thinking about what you need to do and how soon you need to get doing it!

If you are one of the many that have been either keeping your head in the sand or think you have time. You better rethink where you stand...

As a Christian I understand and fully believe everything going on around us is seen in biblical prophecy and the word of God is clear on where we stand as a country.

If your not a believer, you still see what is going on around us. I don't do what I do and hunt information for hours a day to try and bring you to Christ.  I do what I do because I know the truth, between what I see in the world and know to be coming because of Gods word.

Even if you take God out of the picture, are country has been sliding down a slippery slope and is almost at the bottom.

It's time to choose and only you can do that. Get informed!

The talk show I have put up is awesome information...

                                 The Time to Prepare is Running Out! 

        Listen here:  
Trunews Website -

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