Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our you waiting to be rescued by the Government?

You know when I started this site I couldn't hardly find another one like it! Now they are everywhere. Not that I'm complaining, it's great to have others to share and gain information with.

I use to think maybe I was a little crazy or even second guess what I was feeling. But with so many others coming on board and seeing what we see, I am more convinced than ever that what we all are feeling and seeing is very real.

I believe others are seeing it to they just aren't choosing to act on it, hoping it will go away or get fixed by yet another corrupt politician. History has repeatedly shown us that once the government takes over the free will and over taxes the people it collapses. At this point it's just a matter of when...

It's a hard choice to give up all of our American indulgences and choose to put our excess cash into the basement or a closet in the form of  necessities that may be needed in the near future. After all this is America! 
We have let our selfish greed cause us to be deceived by the powers that be! Led like sheep to the slaughter.

Everything changes with time, even America. We have been blessed to be born here and to have lived here with all she has had to offer, but we have abused and used her up, the men and women we have elected to run her have forgotten what values she was built on... 

We the people have forgotten the values of our forefathers and for this our selfish wicked ways will be the demise of a once great country.

Every time I try to convince myself that this is not going to happen, the reality all around me is just so overwhelming for some kind of  collapse in our once great America... I can't close my eye's to it and live as if it's not real.

Choose to seek truth and choose to take your life back for what ever time we all have left. Choose to become Self Reliant, if you think your government is going to keep you with all the luxuries you've grown accustom to, you better think again!

So keep on prepping, and if we are all wrong we have enough food and supplies to last a really long time. lol lol  

If you haven't started to prepare for harder times you better start looking around and make some tough decisions.

Thanks everyone for all the great articles and information, it sure has made my quest easier...

Written by: Rebecca for Self Reliant Network

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