Monday, April 16, 2012

Advertise with us...

"Self Reliant Network"

 Is now accepting up to 6 charter members to advertize on our blog.

Our Blog is growing quickly and we want to get pertinent products on our space to give our readers what they need to help them become more prepared for what lies ahead.

We know how important it is to your business to be seen first and have your name remembered, along with knowing you will be the only ad with your product line offered on our  Blog Network.

As we all know advertizing can be very costly, but is very necessary for generating a healthy business. We want to make advertizing on “Self Reliant Network” a win, win situation for your business, our readers and our Network. It’s important to us to have the highest quality and most reputable product offered.
As I have looked at other blogs and web sites, I am always surprised to see duplicate product s and businesses being advertized together.  We believe at “Self Reliant Network” that for your advertising dollar you should not be sharing front and center with your competitor at least not on our site. As a charter member you will receive the following:
  • Top of the page placement, your ad will always hold a spot in one of the top 6 spots to be seen by our guest and readers.
  • You will be the only ad of your kind. (Exclusivity)
  • You will receive Special Charter member pricing as long as you maintain current payment.
  • You will receive a 300x300 pixel ad for a very reasonable fee of $100.00 Dollars,  no matter how much larger we continue to grow your with us at that price. 
  • Anytime you choose to update your Link you may do so at no extra charge.
We already hold top spots on Google and other search engines and in our first month saw over 5000 readers come to our site and enjoy the articles we have posted, we add more articles everyday and see more growth daily from all over the world. We also expect to be one of the biggest and most respected sites by year’s end. We live what we write about and post, our knowledge comes first hand.

We look forward to you joining our site and growing with us at:

Non-Charter member fee for advertising: $150.00 and will be subject to change.
  • 200x200 pixel ad 
  • month to month Payment or 3 months upfront.
  • Duplicate ad's will be on a waiting list for opening.

Best Regards
Jack and Rebecca Plummer
To get started email or Call Becky.

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