Monday, April 16, 2012

Basic first Aid

Prepare or Beware !!!

Once again disaster has struck and many are without basic services. As of the time of my posting 18,000 people are without power in the Joplin service area. The Home Depot and Walmart completely destroyed the hospital wiped out. over 2,000 buildings destroyed.

How many were prepared? More storms on the way. No way to prepare for every possible situation, but these latest events have demonstrated again the need to have some basic storage of water, food, first aid, and if at all possible a generator w/ fuel. Granted if your home is destroyed a generator is not going to be all that much of an asset, but you might use it with a neighbor or relative whose home was not destroyed. water and food will certainly be needed and possibly your first aid kit. Pictured above  is a per-assembled 72 hr. two person basic travel kit.

Second pictured is a per-assembled two person providence survival kit.
( Sarge's #1 recommended kit)

These kits also come in larger group sizes.

Remember non of this is to scare you, but to help get you prepared for anything, and there seems to be a lot of anythings lately.

I have priced the contents of these kits out as:
"do it yourself" or "purchase assembled" through Shelf Reliance, there is a great savings at least 50%.

Both are available at:

Just having the basics allows you to move on to assist others in need instead of you needing assistance!
       The Sarge is on Duty!!!

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