Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"lax gun laws"

Post by: Self Reliant Network
Written by: Eric Plummer

For those that say the only reason we have "lax gun laws" is because of money. No doubt the $ plays an important role, if not the most important role as to why we still even have gun rights in our current broken government. But I think while everyone would like stricter restrictions for criminals or psychos to get guns it will never stop mass shootings or other gun violence. People with bad intentions will ALWAYS find a way to get what they want. Making it harder doesn't stop them, never has, never will. Its fantasy to think otherwise.

I look at "gun control" from these points:
1. If everyone had a gun on them, who could legal from a constitutional point and with proper training, how many people would take the risk of doing a mass shooting or commit a lot of the crimes that plague us these days? Its like nuclear weapons in the world power scene. Once your country has a nuclear capabilities people respect you at a whole new level once they know you have one. The states with the strictest gun laws have the worst gun crime rates, and who suffers the most from "stricter gun laws"? The innocent, not the criminals. Also, some of the strictest gun control countries have worse crime rate than the US.

2. It has been said in interviews with foreign powers that they would not want to ever invade America because over 50% of the citizens have fire arms. So having assault weapons also preserves that deterrent.

3. The country's forefathers put in the 2nd amendment without restrictions to the type of "arms" because we had just fought a war of tyranny and oppression against Great Britain's government and they knew that if the general populace could not defend itself from its own government that history would eventually repeat itself, its human nature. Look where we are today? Granted I don't think we are there, yet.. but we are pretty close to it now where the federal government can do WHATEVER it wants to its citizens with impudence thanks to the Patriot Act, NDAA, and other regulations/departments of government.

I love my country, served in its military, and would take a bullet for any of my family and friends to this day to defend their freedom, but its getting to the point where some of them trust in a corrupt government to take care of them more than they can take care of themselves along with those in their community. Its just insanity!

I mean who really thinks those making laws have OUR best interest at heart? If anyone does they are delusional. Do you truly trust your local, state, and federal government to fix the problems that face our Country today? Be honest. Have they in the past 10, 20, 30, 40 years? What have they truly fixed? Someone tell me please. We are still in massive debt to foreign countries and banking cartels who we don't even know who owns them, our tax laws take up a library on its own, and the only ones who profit from it are the extremely rich and extremely poor, we have as much military in foreign countries that we have in our own country and have been at war since 9/11, every department of the government is over budget, everything they have "created" has gone bankrupt or should technically have gone bankrupt if it was not for bailouts and deficit spending, our congress is allowed to be involved in insider trading, and on and on and on. Yet people still are deluded and trust them to magically stop being corrupt and self serving and fix real problems.. seriously?

Yet people still trust them to make more laws and regulations regarding our 2nd amendment rights which have already almost been marginalized to "hunting" and "sporting" purposes? The 2nd amendment is not about "hunting" and "sporting" that is just more spin and attempt to redefine the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

Our government is so corrupt they are incapable of doing anything to help its citizenrs who they are supposed to serve.  Please go to the root of what drives those in power today. Do they want to serve? or do they want more power? Ask yourself that from a human nature standpoint and from a short historic look at their actions as a whole. What do their actions show? It doesn't look like service to me? Then ask yourself based off of that, "Do people that desire more power ever want others with any power that could endanger theirs?". Rhetorical I know, the answer is a big fat "NO"

So no I am not for any gun control laws other than for non US Citizens, jury proven criminals, and psychotics. If your not on a national list for the above then you can own whatever firearms you want. In the end it would mean less crime, less corruption, and a more accountable society.

In the end the saying is true when it comes to the 2nd Amendment: "Use it or lose it!" I advice everyone to enjoy, embrace, and protect your right to bear arms to protect your self, your family, and friends from those that would seek to do harm... < sarcasm >or you could just leave it up to the humble, trustworthy, and honest politicians to take care of you. </sarcasm>

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