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I recieved this email today! Unsettling to say the least. Sharing with all of you...

This was sent to me via my E-mail. 
I am sharing this with all of my 
readers you can think and do 
as you will with this information.
Email as follows:
Ok, I just said I would just stick to prepper info, but this ties in with all the crap Obama is passing, Federal agencies buying all the ammo, mobile bullet proof building's to shut down highways and have been in use. We know for a fact the Russia Special Forces are here. They have been seen and it has been in print in military newspapers. We know the Chinese are here, The governor of Idaho has given them a lot of land here in Idaho and I have read several other states also. Islamic terrorist are thru out the Country, when I was the Program Manager for the  Civilians on the Battlefield training group, we use Red Brigade troops from Iraq to train out troops going over. They got to stay in Country. Laws have been past or are being past to make US the ENEMY. You need to get your food put back now, buy a weapon and lots of ammo. We have Nuclear power plants shutting down across the Country now. Grid going down soon? There is just too much bad news coming out at a high speed for something bad not to follow. I talked with some Border Patrol folks  in Idaho and did you know there are areas along the Canadian border they can't go. Well lets throw all the borders open for the bad guys on the North and the South to come in. From my days in the government, I have heard the Command talk about the suitcase nukes coming into our Country and nothing was being done about it. This was from 1973 to 1985. I was also part of REX -84 program, it is real.
If even a part of this article is true, we are in serious trouble. Time is running out and we need to step up our training, commo skills and everything we need to do to be at the safe house when it hits. Stop thinking/talking about it and do it. Enough said, Be Prepared, Be Thankful, Be Prayerful.

Best Regards,

Makes ya go hmmmmmmmmm....................
New DHS Informant Leaks a Shocker

In a passionate warning to his global listeners, TruNews host Rick Wiles revealed the latest in a series of startling information leaked to him through a source who knows a contact deep within U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“There’s a Russian, Chinese, Islamic military invasion coming to the U.S.A,” Wiles forcefully told his audience, Wednesday.

“I was told something, today, that I almost hesitate to repeat on the air,” Wiles continues. “You know, people pass on to me lots of rumors I can’t verify, therefore, I never mention them on the radio.”

In previous broadcasts, the 12-year Christian radio veteran has passionately pleaded with his listeners to prepare for startling changes coming to the United States—changes so horrific, that even he admits may sound crazy if the information wasn’t being told to him by long-time, credible and proven sources.

“But I spoke with a close friend, whom I’ve known for many years. This couple is well-connected to important business and political people. They have a personal friend who is an agent for [the Department of] Homeland Security. The agent promised to alert them if he ever heard anything significant that warranted immediate preparation.

“For years, he said nothing until now. He told them there’s talk inside Homeland Security offices that Russian Spetsnaz commandos are infiltrating into the U.S.A from Canada. He said it’s been underway all summer, and he estimated the number of commandos at the present time inside the U.S.A to be in excess of 20,000.”

The most intimate knowledge of the coming danger to the U.S. comes to him off air, Wiles says, as his sources seek to distance themselves from the information for the purposes of their own safety as well as the safety of their families. Because of his position as a journalist, radio host and trusted leader of the Christian community, Wiles receives the most sensitive information ‘off the record’ in the hopes that others who speak ‘on the record’ will be taken seriously.

“If I didn’t know the integrity and the high-level connections and the social standing of my friends, I would never pass this on to you on the radio,” Wiles explains. “But I know this couple. Let me tell you, financially, socially, I’m at the bottom of their friends list. They run with the big dogs. Therefore, when they tip me off that they got a call from a friend inside DHS with this kind of information, I don’t dismiss it lightly as a conspiracy rumor.”

Previous reports of Russian military personnel participating in joint ‘civil drills’ with local law enforcement at Ft. Carson, Colorado between May 24 and 31 of this year may have had something to do with the ongoing clandestine immigration of Russian commandos alleged by Wiles’ source, but a possible reason for the stealth entry into the U.S of 20,000 troops wasn’t ventured during Wiles’ Wednesday’s disclosure.

However, a source to Wiles of more than a decade ago offers the possibility of a much more nefarious explanation for the infiltrating Russian commandos that can be traced back more than 30 years.

“I spent several days with Colonel Stanislav Lunev in 1999,” says Wiles. “He was my guest when I lived in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Colonel Lunev is the highest ranking Russian GRU military spy ever to defect to the West. . .

“One of his assignments was to find places to hide nuclear suitcase bombs inside the U.S.A. You can read about it in his book, Through the eyes of the enemy.

“Colonel Lunev personally told me that the Russians were bringing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons into the U.S.A throughout the 1970s and 80s by smuggling them over the Mexican border.

“Colonel Lunev said there are Russian Spetznazs commandos coming in and out of the U.S.A every month disguised as tourists, professors, doctors, reporters; they come and go.”

The implications of, even, an attempted ground invasion by sleeper Russian commandos, in addition to other hostile sleeper cells rumored to be hibernating on American soil, are staggering, but also raise the possibility that a false-flag of an invasion may be planned as the excuse to lock-down America during a currency crisis.

Could something as bizarre as an attack by foreign rebels lurking in wait the plan for legitimizing a decree of martial law from the White House? Would another bigger and more horrific 9/11-like event of that magnitude be planned to mask the real reason for a dollar collapse? How else would Washington divert the wrath of an irate citizenry armed to the teeth when food and basic necessities go wanting for days, weeks or maybe months?

Trends Research Institute Founder Gerald Celente told Lew Rockwell of the von Mises Institute, Tuesday, “I believe we’re facing another 9-11 moment of some sort. Whether it’s false-flag [or] real. Whether it’s economic or geopolitical, something in my bones is telling me that you better be prepared now, because this thing is coming down fast.”

Celente strongly suggests Americans follow the “Celente’s 3-G’s” for survival during these extraordinary times of American history. The 3-G’s include: Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan.

Wiles may suggest another ‘G’ to Celente’s 3-G’s: Gold, Guns, Getaway plan and God, not necessarily in that order of importance.

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  1. Don't forget the "G" for Garden. Everyone can't bug out and should be self sufficient in other ways, including a stockpile for bartering their way out of bad situations.

    I don't have ideas. I do believe, as I have for some time, that something serious is up. I'm past bugout capability, but find myself constantly in search of new, or old, means of preserving and stocking up, storing and gathering necessary equipment. And, I wish I could have it done by tomorrow!

    I've been able to have my first real garden this year and have canned some but not enough. It has been a lesson for me as to what I should do next year. I have 5 raised beds and plan for more. Before moving last year, I researched for a long time as to what type of gardens would be best, how to collect water, etc. The gardens did fairly well, but I still have more to go.

    Everything is an on-going process without end. I will say that I've learned A LOT in a very short time, thanks to places such as this and tons of gardening sites.

    I definitely think we're in deep doodoo! Bless us all.

    1. Sounds like you have a really good grip on what you need to be doing, Thanks for sharing this it will give others hope and let them know they can do the same. Something is always better than doing nothing! Keep it up :)


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