Thursday, August 23, 2012

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Get informed first...

I am very sensitive to Vaccines and the harm they can cause. My grandson has Autism. He was a perfectly normal baby in every way, then after his shots at about 18 months we lost him, just gone shut down. Nobody can convince me it wasn't the vaccines.

These drugs are strong and full of poison not meant for the human body let alone in the quantity they are injected into our children. 

I'm not saying all Autism is caused by vaccines, but why take the risk with your child's life. They will tell you it is absolutely safe, even make you feel stupid if you ask about this. This is your child you make the decision, not the doctor!

Jenny McCarthy has worked with some Dr's and has a safe vaccine schedule if you are going to vaccinate you child, for that matter I bet you can even find one on the internet, so GOOGLE away!

Praise the Lord, After lots of Love, great care and schooling Ethan is doing great! Almost Autistic free...

Choose wisely......

"Vaccination is not necessary, not useful, does not protect. There are twice as many casualties from vaccination as from AIDS." --Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, West Germany, specialist of internal diseases and participant in about 150 trials of vaccination victims

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