Monday, August 6, 2012

True Self Sufficiency - I crave it! Where do you stand?

So I just spent almost 8 weeks at my moms in Sunny California. The weather there is ideal for all things "Self Sufficient", but sadly I see so little of that going on. I see people across the country fighting the worst weather conditions to become more self sufficient and doing it!

I've had much and I've had little...  The more I've learned to live with the simpler things in life, such as personal food production, no car payment a very small modest home (yet so cozy) and to be debt free. The more sure I am that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing. I have a peace I have never had before and as the Lord draws me closer to the simple things in life the more grateful I am for each day.

The purging of what the world expects of us was the hardest and a big step. To always be taught that success and money are happiness is such a lie! Hence, anti depressants, alcohol and drug abuse, failed marriages, latch key kids and people always seeking more, more, more of all kinds of things that just lead down a road of despair...

Mind you I have nothing against money or people who make a lot of it. It's just the lifestyle it affords I find destructive and leaves one reeling out of control. Disclaimer: Not all...

I'm probably doing a really poor job at trying to make my point, I always seem to offend someone! lol Sorry if it's you, that is not my intent....

As I said I was recently in California visiting and we had a birthday party for a family member and the subject of "Self Reliance" and "Preparedness" came up. It was interesting to hear every one's point of view and thoughts on the matter. I try to teach and share things for everyone to learn and grow with no matter where you live or what your financial statues is. I decided maybe I wasn't doing to great of a job when my Aunt strongly told me, "Not everyone can do what you are doing" I understand this very well and hope I never imply otherwise. Then I decided she must not read my blog or she would know that I never preach or teach to do only what I do or have done.

We all have to do what is best for us and our families. I am a strong believer that, "If there's a will there's a way" If you are not happy with your current situation find a way to improve it! Don't you let anyone piss on your vision (So to speak)...You be who God calls you to be and if that means your not a white sheep but a black sheep, be black!

Start small, but start! Be a doer, Step out of the comfort zone that has kept you in mediocrity for years. You are stronger than you think. Things worth having aren't always easy, but once you start to taste the sweet freedom your effort brings you will know truly what it is to start becoming "Self Reliant"... and I'm not just talking about more money! Money does not buy peace and Joy, maybe for a moment but that's fleeting so don't be deceived!

Start with something as simple as a big beautiful tomato plant in a pot on your patio. When that big red tomato is ripe and you slice into it and taste it's yummy goodness and wonder what you have been getting from the local grocery store they are calling tomatoes, you will begin to understand what you have been missing for the sake of "progress" baby steps will bring you back to a way of life that will not only enrich your mind, but you body and soul as well! If it's to late for that tomatoes plant this year you find a Open air market and buy yourself some home grown organic produce and make a salad! Let me know how you taste buds and your body thanked you :)

Disclaimer #2 I 'm not saying you have to move to Kansas and start a farm! Just do what you can with where you are...

In closing, this blog, You can have more peace with a life style that is more of what you desire and not so much of what the world says you should desire.

Be well everyone!


I Enjoyed this short video below. I didn't want it to end!

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