Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great to be back................

 Up and Running again......

I'm home and so excited! The smell of the tree's and flowers and just can't get enough... The sounds of the birds and the squirrels in the tree's... My morning coffee looking out over the valley and the mountains, even the ground under my feet with the sound it makes as you walk over it, never really noticed this before now, but after walking on the black top and finished surfaces in California I even notice the pleasure of the sound beneath my feet. lol 

I look forward to getting back on track with blogging and posting what I can for the greater good in helping us all become more Self Reliant no matter where we live!

My trip was so awesome, My time spent with family was the best! I  If only I could have stuffed my nephew in my luggage and convinced about 30 people to move to the wilds of Northern Idaho!!!

The hugs and kisses I got from my granddaughters was so awesome, those precious little faces were the best! When I walked in my door they had made a beautiful banner welcoming grandma home in my kitchen, with a big bouquet of sun flowers (my favorite).
Lesley had put some half & half, sharp Cheddar and a few other things in my fridge so I could enjoy my morning coffee and a few snacks just the way I like it.... A women blessed is what I am! A simple life full of joy, peace and a simple life.

I fell asleep cozy in my own bed while chating with my hubby. Sorry I pooped out so early on him, he just made everything so cozy for me!

Great trip but so.... happy to be home!

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