Friday, July 6, 2012

Not just a reader but a doer! (Container Gardening)

I am a Big Fan of container gardening...

This is my Aunt, she recently lost my Uncle and so decided rather than go without her summer garden and all her favorites, she put together a great and very productive container garden, I am so proud of her and her determination...

When there is will there is a way! 

If you have never done gardening this is a great way to break the ice. You will be hooked!
  Happy Growing...  
I was so excited today when I got to my Aunt Paula's House and she anxiously said, come on... I have to show you what I did!

She told me she had been inspired by reading my blog... That was an awesome feeling for me... I spend so many hours a day trying to put together good and helpful information and then to see that someone actually
read it and put it to use was great.

To see how she created such a beautiful garden with so much to harvest, I was so proud of her. I love a doer! Paula just made a decision and dug in! Literally... If I've said it once I've said it 100 times. "If there's a will there's a way"  My Aunt told me she has plains to expand her crops next year. YOU GO GIRL!

We went out back and she walked me over to a beautiful and very productive garden in her back yard. All done in containers! Two small blue pools and about 5 whiskey barrel half's. But wait there's more! she went Organic!!! I was so excited and proud of her. All organic soil and no pesticides! Everything looked so healthy.

She pulled off two beautiful zucchini squash and had a plant full of yellow summer squash. One barrel was a beautiful herb garden, she also had beets, carrots, potatoes and cucumbers. I know, hard to believe no tomatoes, but she doesn't like them! After praising her for such a magnificent job, she took me and showed me the rest of her projects.

After our tour of her rose garden and a walk over to her fruit trees, where I indulged in fresh sweet peaches right off the tree, we went inside and she made a pizza with her fresh garden veggies and basil that was so fragrant I wanted to put it behind my ears!

She mentioned that she wanted to get the recipe for the "no knead" bread and give it try, so since I have the recipe memorized, I told her what she needed and she whipped together a loaf right then and there!

Later that evening after a great dinner of her famous Taco's and rice along with family fun and games we all had a yummy piece of bread hot from the oven with butter and strawberry jelly.

It was a blessed day spent with family, first to church together in the morning, some lunch, visiting and games, cooking eating, more games and lots of laughs. 

Thanks Aunt Paula for making my Day!

God is Indeed Good!


  1. Container gardening is impressive. I have a couple buckets in my back yard growing things but this is amazing.

    1. She really has done a great job! Carla you keep thinking bigger and better! Yours can be as great as you think it can!


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