Thursday, October 11, 2012

What you can do, Heart Attack Help...

Simple steps, yet so critical......................... Thanks Nurse Amy

If Dr. Bones ever has a heart attack I will be quickly administering these two things: 

Aspirin 325mg in powdered form inside the lower gum area and a few drops of Cayenne extract (Capsicum annum)

Extracted from: Dried fruit (90,000 H.U.)
Ratio: 1:4. 

I will keep him calm, relaxed and speak in a peaceful manner. If 911 is available I will call them. I know how to do CPR just in case, everyone should know this.
I also have an automatic defibrillator which I will apply, it has a computer which determines whether it will activate. I own an ambu bag also.
If the SHTF, I can only hope the aspirin and cayenne and my actions will be enough. Having a plan is EVERYTHING in a medical emergency. Seconds can make the difference between life and death.
 Learn about medical preparedness now... it may save your family member. 
Nurse Amy

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