Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Change requires, A leap of faith!

I took a chance, another a of  leap of faith.


Not sure how to start here. A quick background overview may help...

Jack, my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1997. At that time we lived in Beautiful San Clemente California, and had a really lucrative kitchen remodeling business. We had some money in the bank and life was good. To make a long story short the illness cleaned out our bank account and destroyed our business.

We fought the cancer and Jack has been in remission for 15 years. Next chapter, we felt like we needed a life change at this point, so moved to Southern Oregon. Loved it! I had always had an interest in Real Estate so stepped out in faith and worked hard and  became a Real Estate investor.

This was even more lucrative than kitchens and made us wealthy... after about 5 years or so of the good life, you know the cars, toys houses, new this and that! Hello Real Estate collapse.... End of story.

Lost everything and found ourselves saying NEXT! You see to understand that you can always find that vehicle that will lead you to financial freedom is something that for some reason has always been ingrained in me. Never give up, never surrender, and never let them see you sweat!

Here's what I have learned over the years of searching and trying many things, there is no such thing as easy money, get rich quick, or sitting back and waiting for someone to drop a lot of money in your lap when they die. Nope, hard work and dedication is the answer, finding something you believe in and know you can do. Your like a puzzle piece that just fits when you find it! Just know this, you may try a few things before you find the right puzzle , that puzzle that your piece fits into...

The key always is, never give up and don't let yourself get talked into mediocrity..... You see many people will call you crazy... I remember once when Jack and I needed some cash so we sat on a corner lot with a trailer full of bean bags for sale, I will never forget that, we had so much fun and made the money we needed at the time. Our family was mortified and labeled us as gypsies and prayed no one they new would see us in action with our bean bags!

All this to say it's been a while since I have found my next puzzle. I've been a lost piece wondering if at 52 I would ever fit again. I've looked and dabbled in a few things, but just not feeling it! MLM you work to hard for someone else to make the big bucks! and with our recent economy most people have been a little iffy to say the least. happy to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, let alone thinking of a new car or even tires for the old one. But never choosing to give up my search... Don't buy into the failure that the media and the government are preaching, last time I looked we still lived in America and the land of opportunity....

Now to the point...

I recently had a gentleman post a link on my "Self Reliant" Facebook page, I quickly removed it as spam, as I don't allow advertising on my page, but something kept pulling me back to it. Between my blog and my fb page I get more spam than even Hawaii would want.

That night I took a few minutes to take a look at what he sent and I thought "well this does make sense, people are all going to use these items anyway..." I also agreed that word of mouth is the best advertising in the world! His system appeared solid and I didn't get a bunch of Hype! I hate Hype... If I don't see the value in what you have to offer all they Hype in the world won't get me there!

Bottom line I'm in! lol, from the trash to my new home business. Funny how things happen sometimes. I've been looking and praying for a long time for my next puzzle.... and find myself excited at the possibilities of what this has to offer. With diligence to work this and share what I have come to learn, this could add the few extra dollars I need.

So ask yourself what would you do with $500.00 extra dollars a month or maybe even a $1000.00 it's up to you. Is it worth a few minutes to see if this is your finished puzzle? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it's sure worth the few minutes to find out....

Enter your name and valid e-mail on the form I have post on this blog, it will take you to a short video with lots of great and valuable information.. Remember a friend, you may be financially secure, but they may need an opportunity. So pass it on...

 You call me or email me with any questions, ANYTIME... What ever you decide to do, Be blessed in it!

Best Regards,

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