Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is wrong with milk and why is it considered one of the top ten toxic foods.

BY: Larae Chambers
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Recently I was asked what is wrong with milk and why is it considered one of the top ten toxic foods. Here is my reply...Read with an open mind and know I want the best for your families health.

And finally milk...I could write pages on this topic but will try to keep it simple. The product you purchase in the store is watered down, hormone infested, synthetic vitamins added, pesticides and herbicides infested, antibiotics prone, lactose removed, zero nutritional value crap.

Yes, I am a dairy farmer and this is what the FDA does to our milk. First they drive out all the little farmers so they can have large farm manufacturing facilities where thousands of cows are housed and fed CORN. These facilities do not feed grass, possibly hay. The milk is then pasteurized (cooked) at such a high heat that it literally kills all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, omega 3's that you need. They add these back in later.

I can't imagine the replacement vitamins are Better for you then the original ones. Then they homogenize the milk. this basically means making it look pretty for the customer, because who really wants to see cream actually float on top of their milk?

They do this by destroying the fat molecule in the cream so it doesn't float and instead mixes in with the rest of the milk, in destroying this molecule it makes it impossible for your body to digest. Therefore you don't get the important omega 3's fatty acid that is oh so beneficial! and somewhere in all this the milk also loses its lactose, natural sugar.

This makes the milk extremely difficult to nearly impossible to digest and I can't imagine why they have taken everything out of the milk.

This is why people are lactose intolerant, you'd be surprised to learn I have numerous lactose intolerant customers who can drink raw milk with great success! WHY? because its raw and natural the way God made it, full of everything your body needs.

Organic milk in the store is still destroyed by the pasteurization process but at least you can rest assured its Cows are more likely grass fed. no chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics and no GMOs.

Best for your health is raw milk with the cream that floats from the farmer in your county whom you can shake their hand and say thank you. I value what I do, and value each Customer, Parent and Child that I provide this product for. I am blessed.

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