Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Food Storage Tips for the new Prepper...

We are all in different places, each one has to prepare for where you are... 
But you have to start NOW!

#1 Finances: You can start a food storage closet with as little as $10 dollars a week up to what ever works for your budget. If you don't have a budget and have the freedom to get it done now, go for it!

But the truth of the matter is that most of us are struggling to keep food on the table today and don't have a clue how this prepping stuff is going to work for us!

Well you can do it! Where there is will there is a way... There is more food waste in America than in any other country, nobody in America should be with out food. We have been taught how to overindulge only on the best, or so we think and we waste what others call a meal. I think every American should spend some time in a third world country and really have the opportunity to now how blessed this country has become.

Unfortunately do to our spoiled overindulgence is why we are prepping now.... History repeats itself!

People have become lazy and expect the government to keep placing entitlements in front of them, leaving as little as possible for them to be responsible for. Most people understand that the gravy train will end, somehow, someway.... and someday. And we have lots of other countries happy to help with our destruction, deciding we have had far to much for far to long!

#2 Something is better than nothing!

Food is a start , but we all know that "water we can not live without" Depending on where you live will factor in how you store and how much. Be creative, if you live in an apartment you will obviously have to do some things different than the person living rural.

Not everyone will have an opportunity to "bug out" as they say, or can move and change your whole live to accommodate prepping for something that we are very unsure of. We can feel the change in the air and our gut tells us things are changing, we see things changing all around us but no man know the time or day...

Start with simple staples, foods that fill empty you have these items stored you can start to add more variety that will help to make bean and rice dishes more tasty. Remember if the day does come, it won't be about organics and the best of everything, it will be about keeping your stomach full. Don't think for a minute that if you get to the day you have to use your food storage that things will be the same old same old.

I see so many people thinking they will have enough to live the same old good life. Think again... Be wise with your money and what you store to fill your belly.

Below are a few articles that will get you thinking and started.... remember it's just a start once you get started you will go from a walk to a run.... Try not to focus on everything you will need all at once. Start with your food and water, then move on to an alternate cooking surface and lighting, then maybe heating or protection methods to defend you and your family. If your not a gardener think about getting started this year with seeds and producing some basics.... I think you get the picture. Find a happy medium that will work with your finances and your family. Don't wait, make a plan and start it today!

It's never to late until it's to late, and none of use know the day or hour, but we all know it's coming...

Always hope for the best, but Prepare for the worst...

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