Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let’s think 2012 out with reason.

 Posted and written by: Self Reliant Network

We have been thinking about what lays a head in 2012…
Something in my gut is telling us to get serious about being as prepared as we can be in the next 12 months or so.

All this emphasis on the 2012 doomsday is certainly unreasonable. We as preppers are already scoffed at and labeled as doomsday nuts. The reason for prepping must never be based on fear; instead it should be a logical conclusion to a sound reasoning of facts. Certainly some of us were led to believe that Y2K was going to be a major event.

Let’s use the experience and learn from it! Use it to show people how to avoid fear mongering and instead use due diligence to determine what risks we may potentially face and the likelihood those might actually occur!

The facts are that since Y2K there have been several major events that have caused the unnecessary suffering of too many people who were unprepared to deal with their situation.  Let us cultivate a fertile environment of reason to share with others inside as well as outside of the prepper movement, so that as many as possible will have the tools and supplies to face what the past has shown us that we will likely have to face in our future as well.

I hope you see this as reasonable as we do....

Remember this, if it was the end of the world, would it really matter how ready we thought we were! Not so much!

I had a recent report this year from a trusted source that what you all may now as NORAD in Colorado is stocking food as never seen before, truck after truck on a daily basis, and FEMA even has recently suggested we have at least two weeks of food storage. I’m convinced by what I see going on around us and right under our noses there is so much more than we may know or for that matter are being told.

Don’t be the one who decides it’s easier to ignore all this and just keep doing the same old same old, we are not saying you need to pack up and live high on a mountain top in a cave and eat pine nuts. It’s as simple as learning to prepare your home to the best of your ability to become a refuge for you and your family, if necessary...

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