Sunday, March 11, 2012

Testing the Waters as a Prepper...

Jack and I feel like we have made some good progress in the last few weeks. 

We have sold our place in Oklahoma, made it up to the pan handle of Idaho. Our soon to be new place is under construction. 

Jack has built walls in a portion of our space for a warm cozy room which now is being used as a bedroom, kitchen and living space. Shared with our three dogs. 

The wood stove was in after day two. The first night we slept here was a little chilly to say the least, and the cot I slept on was not so cozy! 

Night two was so much better! HEAT and my cozy bed! There are just some comforts a girl must insist on! I'm still using the home depot bucket with a toilet seat out in the cold for potty time... Somehow I'm ok with that! lol Go figure.

I try to remind myself that people in other countries would kill for what I still have. I love that we are more self sufficient regardless of what we have given up in creature comforts in some area's. 

There's a peace I can't explain... in all this. I feel blessed to be doing what I am doing!

We do have electricity and this is great for cooking and my computer. We are prepared if necessary to loose electricity when and if the day comes this happens. What I would miss most of all  is communication with my family and friends!

We have decided to live as close as possible to a simple life, which is pretty easy where we are... Today for lunch I fixed us a nice bowl of pasta on a hot plate. We do plan to have a small kitchen as finances and time permit.

I did it in one pot and it was good! I used my freeze dried hamburger, bell peppers, and onions. Boiled them in some water for about two minutes threw in the pasta, some salt, pepper and a little garlic for about ten minutes then poured in some red sauce for the last five minutes. Yummy... Simple and good.

Some may think I'm a little crazy and maybe I am! What is crazy, REALLY? 

Don't misunderstand I like the finer things in life also, how could you not! But looking at where we are with my eyes wide open I see our country is on a slippery slope and I'm choosing to be ready for what I feel is down the road and it in that I have found a great peace!

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