Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potato Container Garden Tips

I grew potatoes last year for the first time, it was so awesome to dig them up and use them fresh from the garden! The flavor was fa- nominal. No excuses not to grow them now, Because they also grow great in containers. ______________________________________________________


Potato container gardens are a good way to have some potatoes at home when you want them. It is also a great way to ensure that your potatoes are organically grown in the healthiest way for your family. Since pesticides are common in potato farming it is not uncommon at all to get potatoes from the store that have been treated with chemicals to protect them from disease or various bugs. So by growing your own at home you can avoid the potential problems that you usually find when eating potatoes
One nice thing to know about growing potatoes in a container is that it often yields more potatoes than when grown outside of the container. So how do you grow potatoes in containers?

One common way to grow potatoes in a container is to plant several plants in a barrel that has been cut in half from top to bottom. The two halves can be laid on their sides and holes are then punched in the bottom for drainage. Then you fill the barrel halves with soil to grow in. Potatoes typically need a more acidic soil.
 Potato Container Garden Tips 
If you are new to potato growing, it is a great idea to talk to others who are growing potatoes in your area and try to get a sense of when the best times are to plant and what types of containers others are using. 

Just remember that gardening of any type is one of those things where many different methods will work just fine. So pick ones that sound like they will work and try them out. 

Remember when you talk to people in your area that gardeners tend to all know the very best way to do something. Yet they each have a different way to do it. So take all the advice you can get and then use the best tips for you. Do not worry about the differing opinions or you will never get started.

Enjoy your potatoes!



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