Monday, March 12, 2012

Our new Home: In the Beginnig

In the beginning...

Hmm... where to start. 

Our first plan was to start with the bedroom, Livingston and kitchen area, but for time sake and needing it done really quickly do to the cold weather. We went with this, I mean who moves to the Pan Handle of Idaho in the middle of February? We do! We didn't plan it that way, it just all happened faster than we thought it would.

So there we were ready for our next adventure and we got it. I guess if you want to be a prepper you better be ready for anything! The whole idea of the prepper mind set is to be ready for anything at anytime. So here we are and here we go...

So we have decided to add the bedroom in the spring. So our living room is our bed room for the time being.

Day 1
Day 1


                 Moving along

Day 3

Wouldn't you like to
 be a Prepper too!

First room walled up, we will be adding a bathroom and bedroom next. Our first night sleeping in our new place.

Very Cold and the cot was so NOT comfy.


Thank God, our wood stove and my cozy bed! Also 2 chairs in front of the fire...

I know it doesn't look like much but it's warm...

Our View

Yeah, running water!

I'm so excited! It's the simple things that make me happy, things I once took for granted! Running water for one. Today Jack finished one of our water lines. I now have a sink with indoor plumbing! I actually baked a chicken in my little oven tonight.

So much to do, but the running water was really a nice one to get done. I now can say I have a kitchenette!

I love what will soon be my kitchen counters. I asked Jack to make me a log counter, so he did, this is step #1 to getting the rest of the kitchen in and complete. 
I am loving my log kitchen so far. I'm planning on keeping the big tub sink. It's huge and very awesome. Jack is going to build around it for me, I already have some fabric I plan to skirt it with.

So to sum it up, we have a warm cozy space about 30x14 dried in and insulated, heated by a wood stove, running water, and electricity. A window with a great view of the mountains, and our cozy bed, which is in what will soon be our living room.

On the other side is our dinette area. I'd show you the bedroom but Jacks in bed and wouldn't be to happy with me!

Slow but sure, I throw in some decorations when I can, I know it's far from done, but that's no reason not to have it feel warm and cozy.  

I haven't picked out the wall covering yet although I know what I want so it should be easy when the time comes. 

My Son (Eric) and I stopped in to look at solar idea's today for running a few things, but they were closed. We didn't expect that on a Saturday. I say good for them taking weekends off!

Well I'll update some time this week with anything  new going on maybe a few more pictures. 
   More to come!

We have had to take a week off, thanks to the flu...

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  1. Looks good. I wish we were building, but we still have a bit more time to wait before we can break ground. Love the wood stove. They are the heartbeat of any home.


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