Thursday, March 15, 2012

It‘s Not About Stuff It’s About a Mindset

It‘s Not About Stuff It’s About a Mindset, Beck & Panel Discuss:"Emergency Preparedness"

This has the Best Common Sense Information I've heard!  Take a few minutes and get informed. 

We met a young man and his family last week at a workshop and freeze dried food demonstration we did. He was  in the logging industry for years and just had gotten laid off. You could see the and hear the concern he had for his family. 

The writing is on the wall BIGGER than ever.    I'm not saying run for the hills, just some simple preparations. If you haven't already, read my  

"Food Storage"

Article then please do and it will give you some things to get you thinking and moving forward.

It's not to late, until it's to late!

Be well :)

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