Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Manipulated by Government!

 Seems no matter how you look at it, we are always being Manipulated by Government! SRN

 Written By:Low Tech Prep Security Consulting  

Violence, assaults, and murder are on the rise in this country and around the world don’t let statistics fool you. 

 The x-factor in this topic in murder stats is the increase in medical technology over the past few years. With modern medical breakthroughs in treatments and medicine and overall knowledge many lives are saved that would in the past likely lead to death.
If you were to still be using 1970’s level technology and practices the death rate would rise 400%. 
Aggravated assault statistics have been manipulated for political and job security related reasons. Domestic violence and hate crimes once fell into the aggravated assault statistic category but have recently been labeled into their own categories. This helps keep assault case statistics much lower than they really are. 
In other cases police will downgrade to lesser charges in order to keep it from reflecting poorly on their departments overall performance. You ask why would they do this??? 
The first reason is most prison systems are already full to maximum capacity and if you’re going to add someone to an overpopulated system you must release another inmate. The most influential factor is politically motivated and involves the job security at the highest levels. 
If crime and aggravated assaults are on the rise it reflects poorly on the Sheriff and Chief of Police. The Sheriff is a position that is voted on by the citizens of a city/town. If the statistics are on the rise the questions start to come up in the local community about overall job performance. With poor performance marks a Sheriff can easily be voted out of his position during the election process. 
In short stat manipulation helps when it comes to voting. A side effect of this fudging of the numbers concerns police department budgets. Fudging of the numbers makes violence and crime look more under control which can result in cutbacks on the force budgets “funds, manpower and resources.”
With less staff and resources this can sometimes mean the force is spread to thinly. Slower response times are common. Less boots on the streets mean crimes that could otherwise be deterred are now taking place because of less police presence. Some crimes are never even recorded. 
Many retired officers have admitted to stat manipulation for years. Now that they don’t have the threat of losing their jobs and benefits they are willing to expose this.

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