Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stay put or bug out that is the question

  We Are hunkering down...

 It just makes more sense all around. We do have a escape planned if necessary, although I'm hoping with our location it won't be!
 But who knows for sure...SRN

Very Good Share from Iprepping
 You need to weigh the risks of bugging out vs. hunkering down and make your final decision based on logic and type of threat or the situation at hand, after all survival is about adaption no one can really plan out every type of what if event. Every decision in a survival situation should not be made with emotion but with logic, sadly most people rely on emotions and feelings most of which are run for the hills. While sometimes it can save our lives acting on an emotion, some times it can also be our down fall and that is where logic needs to kick in. 

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