Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yes I said "Down Size"... Part 2

Where do we start?  

By Self Reliant Network
Some things are easier said than done... or so you may think. Thats what I would  have said just a few years back. If someone said to me "just do it" my head would have spun. Where do I start?

So think about this, if and when the shit hits the fan, you will not only have to wrap your head around what's going on around you but jump in unprepared. Sink or swim, so to speak!

You may loose everything, Job's, cars, bank accounts, the ability to run into the local grocery store for bread and milk, utilities including fresh water. These are all things we have come to take for granted!

So how do we learn to become more Self Reliant? What can you do?

Are you:
  • Living outside your financial means?
  • Behind on bills?
  • Always stressed out about money? 
  • Always rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off?
  • miserable with the job you have?
  • always looking for ways to have or get more?
  • all wrapped up in what you have been deceived into believing is the American dream?
Do you:
  • Have more stuff than you use?
  • Have more stuff than you NEED?
  • Have at least a two week food and water supply back up in your pantry?
  • Peace and joy in your home and heart?
  • think of having a easier life?
Can you:
  • Down size your house?
  • adjust your wants?
  • adjust your needs?
  • let go of the STUFF that holds you down?
  • sell off or giveaway half of what you have? 
  • Give up a car
I'm sure you can add to my lists...

Lets sit back and take a serious look at life and ask yourself is this what I really want, is this the way I want to spend the rest of my life.

Lets say this, the shit doesn't hit the fan, forget all this prepping for the End of America as we once new it! Lets just look at the quality of your life. How do you spend the hours in your day?

If you really love your life and what it stands for, Good for you! Keep at it.

But if you are not happy and want to make changes, do it!

I'm here to tell you that you can and it's easier than you think. The first step is to make the decision to start! Life is short and I believe it's meant to be lived in peace as much as possible.

There will always have bumps along the way, but may I say a lot less when living in a more self sufficient lifestyle.

Purge Purge Purge
Let all the stuff that weights you down go! Simplify...

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  1. I am the purge master! Sell at a consignment store, on Craigs List, E-bay, local paper, garage sale!!!! Use that money to prepare or pay a bill!

    1. Great tip! Just get it done! if there's a will there's a way...


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