Thursday, May 17, 2012

Then the word Prepper came into the picture.

I took a few days off and can't believe what I've missed. I guess the clock will keep ticking with or without me! lol lol...

When I first started all this is was more about becoming "Self Reliant" for better food and peace of mind. Then the word Prepper came into the picture.

I watched food inc. and a few other documentaries and was so disgusted by what the practices are for getting our food to the grocery stores and then to our table.

Then the whole prepper movement hit the seen, with all the bad government and threats from other countries one thing lead to another, then all this seemed to go hand in hand...

Now the reasons people are prepping are many:
  • Catastrophic natural disasters, ie earthquakes, flooding, solar flares, Mt. Saint Helen etc...
  • Civil Unrest
  • Economic Calapse
  • 2012 Mayan Calendar End of the world prediction. 
  • EMP
  • Giant Meteors
Just to name a few...

Guess my point would be, things are looking bleak in our once great country, it seems disjointed in so many area's. I believe people feel something coming, but really none of us can pin point the day or time. God only knows (If you even believe in God and that His word is true, which I do... )

Can so many be so wrong? I think not! Something BIG is on the way! So what ever your reason for prepping keep at it. At worst you will use what you are buying, and with the price of  food rising so rapidly you will be doing yourself a big favor.

So put away what you can, when you can! Everything will help in the long run. Don't depend on Albertsons, Ralphs or Walmart to be there for you and millions of others, one weekend snow storm will wipe out the shelves, but with great wisdom you can have full shelves at home.

Teach yourselves some new skills, canning,  learn how to start a fire, grow some veggies, raise a few rabbits or get a chicken or two. We started with Four hens and had more eggs than we knew what to do with! Our mailman started getting egg gifts and he loved it! One day a few eggs may be worth their weight in gold!  You don't even have to garden now, keep running to the store while it's their for you, but I strongly suggest you buy seed and store them for future use.

Ignore the nay Sayers and the mockers, let them laugh. Follow your gut and trust your instinct, after all you are the one with their eye's wide open and seeing the real truth of our situation in this country! And you are far from being alone.

It's not always easy to break away from the pack or even change your life style to include believing that the future looks bleak and dismal... Truth is you may not even see that you've just been so busy with life as you know it and like it! To see a need for some change, after all who wants to now that hard times a life as we once new it could be right around the corner. We all want to Party like it's 1999 as the song says! Well take a break from your party and seek the truth of the reality to what is really going on around you. Make a few changes and keep on partying! Just party prepared...

Seek truth, keep your eye's and ears open! Don't be distracted by false comfort... that is just for the moment. I'm not saying to not enjoy your life, just make sure you look to the future and what it may bring. Being prepared and becoming more self sufficient is outside of the norm but you will find it even gives you more peace of mind.

Most of all remember when things go bad, You only have yourself to look to for life's necessities.

In closing, remember "self sufficiency" is more than a job working for someone else. If you were unable to work for any reason, how would you feed and manage your family?

It's not to late, until it's to late, 
and non of us know when that may be!

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