Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Have you gotten your free health and medical books from Hesperian?

 This could really come in handy, and it's free!

 A long while back, we presented the post, 10 resources for self-reliant health and medicine. In that post, we provided links to some excellent (and free!) medical books available for download from Hesperian.org. Today's post provides a recap, and a some more new books from Hesperian.

You may be familiar with Hesperian because of their well-known books Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist. You can find free online versions of these Hesperian books and others via the links below:

However, if you're practicing self-reliance and preparedness, you'll probably want offline copies of your books. If so, you're in luck! You can download PDF versions of each of the above books from Hesperian's Books and Resources page. (Note that these books are also freely available in Spanish via this page.)

Of course, if you prefer professionally printed and bound versions of your books, you can always purchase the above books in a traditional format.

You can also find the following resources on Hesperian's site, each of interest to those interested in preparedness:

It's also worth noting that there is a new version of Where There Is No Doctor coming out. You can read advance chapters from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor by clicking here.

Another new book from Hesperian is Where There is No Animal Doctor. Unfortunately, this book is currently only available for purchase in print form.

Nonetheless,  Where There is No Animal Doctor covers the health and care of poultry, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, mules, cows, and bulls. It addresses disease prevention, control and treatment, and the promotion of good animal nutrition, and contains an important chapter on the public health aspects of raising animals.

Because Where There is No Animal Doctor was developed for rural people in areas where livestock plays an important role in village life, it also makes a great book for the prepper's book shelf!

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