Saturday, May 5, 2012

My grand daughters first goats...

We have names (they changed about 5x)

Say hello to our little friends!

Katie is so excited  with her Nubian friend. "Milo" and Abby has her little pygmy "Pip"and the goats know who's their person. Pip would not let anyone but Abby, touch him. She could touch him, move him, run with him, whatever. He followed her everywhere. They are both bite sized so they hit it off!

Click pic for video

We bought a Nubian goat this morning and we found him a buddy pygmy goat. I have always wanted a pygmy goat! This Nubian is really neat though. I never knew goats were so much fun! Katie is beside herself!The Nubian just follows the girls everywhere they thought that was the greatest thing ever! Lucy got along with it too. The pygmy thinks Lucy is a goat too and tries to play with her. Lucy is not such a fan of that. She's top dog you know. The little pygmy  is skittish still but warming up to us nicely. It runs so funny with it's tiny little legs.

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