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 by:Square Foot Gardening

The frame is lightweight arid is easy to lift off your 4x4. Remove it to water, prune, or harvest.
When placing your protective cage, make sure the frames line up. This will keep all kinds of critters from taking your harvest.
Square Foot Garden With Greenhouse CoverCheesecloth Building Boxes and Structures
12 inches tall, and a few at 18 inches tall—they will be available at the right time they're needed for your garden. If you have a couple of these cages made ahead of time, say at 6, 12, or 18 inches tall, they will be available to pick at the right time they are needed for your garden. Don't forget you can use them as a framework for spring protection from cold, cats, or crows. I hey can be summer protection from sun, wind, and rain, and fall protection from deer, frosts, and snow. They can be stacked on the ground in a pile or hung on the garage or fence wall.
Square Food Gardening corner to corner.
Materials used for covering the wire cages can be anything from clear plastic to protect plants from wind or cold weather and snow, sleet, or rain—to some sort of cloth like cheesecloth or floating cover to
Bern! two 10-foot PVC pipes of1/2-inch diameter from protect plants from insects getting in to lay their eggs.

A cover can be easily held in place with clothespins. The cover can be open on some sides to allow air to circulate or it can be completely enclosed. One consideration, of course, is whether too much heat will build up inside the cage, and that depends on the season and the amount of sunlight your garden receives in your area. When there is too much sunlight for newly planted transplants, just put a shade cloth over the top of your cage. If you have several newly planted squares among other well-established plant squares, you can attach shade patches over those plants that need a little shade.
Protective Dome Supports

A dome support is so easy to make. Just bend a 10-foot length of 72-inch PVC pipe from corner to corner of your box, and then another from the opposite corners; then tie or bolt it at the intersection at the top to make a dome that can support any type of cover. Think of it as the structural framework for a greenhouse—in the early spring it can be covered with clear plastic, in the late spring with cheesecloth to keep out egg-laying insects, and in the summer
Your two pipes should make a dome as shown here.
Pvc Pipe Covers Building Boxes and Structures
Greenhouse For Square Foot Gardening Attach a plastic tie at the intersection to ensure that it doesn't fall over.

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