Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Know your ticks!

 These ticks are everywhere, this is some great information! SRN

This lab is dedicated to the control of emerging tick-borne diseases by understanding the environmental interactions of ticks, hosts, and habitats, and to increasing public awareness of the threat of Lyme disease through continued monitoring of the geography of risk.

As a public service, this website is a resource for Lyme disease education, containing information on: types of ticks in Maine, whether they are a significant health threat, tips on prevention of Lyme disease, and information on Lyme disease.  As an additional service, paired with the online identification guide, the lab offers to identify ticks found in Maine.

For more information, please contact
Vector-borne Disease Laboratory
Maine Medical Center Research Institute
75 John Roberts Rd., Suite 9B
South Portland, ME 04106
207-662-7142 phone
207-662-7147 fax
Hours: 8am - 4pm except holidays and field work days -- please call ahead if
you wish to submit a tick in person

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 This Blog will show you how Andrea discovers,

 fights and wins over Lyme Disease...





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